Harris Interactive Poll Week Nine: Kansas State, Notre Dame, LSU each up one spot

Kansas State is your new No. 3 team in the latest Harris Interactive Poll, which closely resembles the week’s Coaches’ Poll.

Much like in today’s USA Today polling, Kansas State and Notre Dame claim the No. 3 and No. 4 spots comfortably with Florida out of the way. LSU rounds out the top five, while Georgia bounces up to No. 6 after topping the Gators.

Harris Interactive College Football Poll – October 28

Rank Team Votes Share of Vote
1 Alabama Crimson Tide 2868 .997
2 Oregon Ducks 2725 .948
3 Kansas State Wildcats 2656 .924
4 Notre Dame Fighting Irish 2553 .888
5 LSU Tigers 2382 .829
6 Georgia Bulldogs 2205 .767
7 Florida State Seminoles 2193 .763
8 Florida Gators 2061 .717
9 Clemson Tigers 1917 .667
10 Louisville Cardinals 1714 .596
11 South Carolina Gamecocks 1588 .552
12 Oklahoma Sooners 1473 .512

USA Today Coaches’ Poll Week Nine: Notre Dame, Kansas State see big gains

A Florida loss mixed with impressive victories from Kansas State and Notre Dame once again shrunk Oregon’s hold on No. 2, but the Ducks remain 25 points ahead of No. 3 Kansas State this weekend. Notre Dame lands at No. 4 after their victory over Oklahoma, which falls just to No. 12 with the loss.

Georgia climbs to No. 6 in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll on the strength of their upset victory over Florida, but has plenty of work left to do in the coming weeks if they hope to climb into the national title discussion.

USA Today Coaches’ Poll – October 28

Rank Team Votes Share of Vote
1 Alabama Crimson Tide 1475 1.000
2 Oregon Ducks 1391 .943
3 Kansas State Wildcats 1366 .926
4 Notre Dame Fighting Irish 1307 .886
5 LSU Tigers 1225 .831
6 Georgia Bulldogs 1149 .779
7 Florida State Seminoles 1121 .760
8 Florida Gators 1024 .694
9 Clemson Tigers 976 .662
10 Louisville Cardinals 888 .602
11 South Carolina Gamecocks 838 .568
12 Oklahoma Sooners 758 .514

Projected BCS Standings: Notre Dame Set For No. 3 Spot In Third BCS Rankings of 2012

It seemed like every time you blinked Saturday, another undefeated, ranked team fell. It was almost contagious. The result? A set of BCS rankings that will not resemble anything we’ve seen to this point.

Projected BCS Rankings
Rank Team
1 Alabama Crimson Tide
2 Kansas State Wildcats
3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish
4 Oregon Ducks
5 Georgia Bulldogs
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With one key exception, of course, Alabama at No. 1. There no doubt there, but after that, the shocks get going, and get going quickly.

And yes, when the BCS rankings are released tomorrow, Oregon is likely in store for yet another shocker.

With Alabama a steady No. 1 and Kansas State up to a more comfortable No. 2 than Florida had enjoyed, Notre Dame will sneak by the Ducks, which seem to be in the slow lane of the BCS highway.

Passing to the Ducks’ left will be the Irish, on the strength of the computer boost they’ll see because of a victory over a strong computer-profiled Oklahoma squad. But with an already sturdy computer ranking, Notre Dame’s prize for a victory over the Sooners will truly be in the human element. Notre Dame is likely to eat up a big portion of the votes that went the Gators’ way because of their primetime showing. That will be enough to make up the .04 deficit to the Ducks the Irish saw last weekend, and good enough for No. 3.

So Oregon lands at No. 4, trailed by No. 5 Georgia, which charges hard into the top five with a victory over Florida. LSU and Florida keep themselves in the conversation at No. 6 and No. 7, respectively. Then things get interesting.

The teams that used to occupy the spots to come — Oregon State, Oklahoma, USC — all lost. So we’re going to see a real shakeup here. First in line tomorrow will be South Carolina, the beneficiary of already strong computer support, and, let’s face it, some room to move up with the losses around the country.

Florida State, having trouble with their computer ratings, climb to No. 9, and could be higher if not for really weak computer support. Oklahoma lost, yes, but anyone that watched the game knows the final score did not reflect the game itself, and the Sooners should land softly within the top 10 this week despite a second loss.

Remember, we’ll be here to take you through all of it, starting with tomorrow’s releases of the human polls, computer rankings and BCS. Follow along all day tomorrow @BCSKnowHow and right here to stay up to the second with projections, mathematical breakdowns of the computers, human polls and everything in between. Then follow along this week as we break down scenarios and implications.

Got all that? Hope so.

Here’s what the BCS standings will likely look like when they are released tomorrow at 8:30 p.m. ET on ESPN:

Projected BCS Standings – BCS Week Three (October 28)

Rank Team
1 Alabama Crimson Tide
2 Kansas State Wildcats
3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish
4 Oregon Ducks
5 Georgia Bulldogs
6 LSU Tigers
7 Florida Gators
8 South Carolina Gamecocks
9 Florida State Seminoles
10 Oklahoma Sooners
11 Louisville Cardinals
12 Oregon State Beavers

Heisman Watch Week Nine: Te’o, Klein come up big when needed

Collin Klein

A week after staking his claim to the role of Heisman favorite, Klein was able to avoid the classic letdown game against Texas Tech, combining to account for four touchdowns against the Red Raiders in Kansas State’s convincing victory. Leading what will be a team among the top three teams ranked in the country, Klein continues to show of his versatility, rushing for 83 yards to go with his 233 yards passing.

Geno Smith

Geno Smith and West Virginia were off on the weekend, trying desperately to recover from two straight blowout losses that have thrown wrenches in their Big 12 title hopes and Smith’s Heisman hopes. The senior quarterback has still accounted for nearly 2,500 yards passing and 26 touchdowns against just two interceptions. Smith can still recover in this race, and has the games ahead of him to do it.

Kenjon Barner

After scoring 56 points in the first half, at least one Oregon Duck was bound to show up here. This week, it’s Kenjon Barner, the burner who accounted for more than 150 yards in total offense, as well as two rushing touchdowns. For the year, Barner has posted impressive numbers, turning it up in recent weeks, having scored nine touchdowns in the last four weeks to bring his name to the forefront of many Heisman watches.

Manti Te’o

With Notre Dame put to the test Saturday night against Oklahoma, it was Te’o who came up with the big defensive play late that allowed the Irish to claim their first marquee victory of the year. Sure, Notre Dame had run a perfect route through their early season tests, but against Oklahoma they would be faced with a challenge far more difficult than they had seen. But it was Te’o who proved the different.

Te’o’s 11 tackles, two for a loss and a key interception late allowed Notre Dame to keep and extend the lead. It couldn’t have been better for Te’o on a national stage. He’s in this thing for real now.

Braxton Miller

In what many were expecting to be a big test for Ohio State, Braxton Miller came up big, accounting for three touchdowns in his return from a scary injury last weekend against Purdue. Miller threw for 143 yards and a score to go with his 134 yards and two scores on the ground to help the Buckeyes outlast Penn State. Despite their ineligibilty, the Buckeyes remain undefeated, and Miller has a lot to do with that. His Heisman hopes are as strong as they have been as we hit November.

On The Radar:

Montee Ball 

Not a good showing from Ball as Wisconsin’s hot streak snaps. Could Ball fight his way back into the picture for a second time this season?

De’Anthony Thomas

Thomas continues to fill up the stat sheet — did you see his punt return for a touchdown? — but the more his teammate Barner shines, the less to go around. His all-purpose production is unmatched, but is that enough for the Heisman cred?

BCS Implications and Schedule Strength Worksheet Post-Week Nine

Down the stretch of the BCS season, a team’s opponents become an important component of a team’s overall resume to watch.

Not only does it help to define the relative strength of said team, but also has a large effect on that team’s BCS computer performance.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a look at the BCS’s top teams and their important games — both already played and upcoming — to get a better perspective on which teams’ performances will have implications on the BCS.

Each week we’ll give the rundown for the number of teams that seem to be within striking distance of the top two spots. The third BCS rankings reveal a  “striking distance” that includes a one-loss Oklahoma, suddenly right back in the thick of the BCS race, and with a chance to beat No. 3 Oklahoma St. at season’s end.

Each team is listed with their current BCS rank, record and strength of schedule (according to Jeff Sagarin’s ratings).

Below each BCS contender are their most important opponents, both which they have already played (with those results) and those upcoming.

Their opponents will also be listed with a record and their current Sagarin or BCS ranking depending on which is available. Teams will be listed in order of importance to that team’s BCS performance. Each opponent is also listed with an SOS to give you a better sense of how they might perform in the coming weeks. Games this weekend are bolded.

Oh yeah, and one of them happens to be a game you might have heard was going on this weekend.

BCS No. 1 LSU Tigers (8-0) SOS: 18

Important Games Already Played

  • BCS No. 8 Oregon (7-1) SOS: 45 — Won 40-27
  • BCS No. 22 Auburn (6-3) SOS: 12 — Won 45-10
  • BCS No. 24 West Virginia (6-2) SOS: 74 — Won 47-21
  • Sagarin No. 33 Florida (4-4) SOS: 17 — Won 41-11
  • Sagarin No. 47 Tennessee (3-5) SOS: 3 — Won 38-7

Important Games Remaining

  • BCS No. 2 Alabama (8-0) SOS: 39 — Nov. 5
  • BCS No. 7 Arkansas (7-1) SOS: 71 — Nov. 25
  • SEC Championship Game (Potential)

BCS No. 2 Alabama Crimson Tide (8-0) SOS: 39

Important Games Already Played

  • BCS No. 7 Arkansas (7-1) SOS: 71 — Won 38-14
  • BCS No. 16 Penn State (8-1) SOS: 64 — Won 27-11
  • Sagarin No. 33 Florida (4-4) SOS: 17 — Won 38-10
  • Sagarin No. 47 Tennessee (3-5) SOS: 3 — Won 37-6

Important Games Remaining

  • BCS No. 1 LSU (8-0) SOS: 18 — Nov. 5
  • BCS No. 22 Auburn (6-3) SOS: 12 — Nov. 26
  • SEC Championship Game (Potential)

BCS No. 3 Oklahoma State Cowboys (8-0) SOS: 6

Important Games Already Played

  • Sagarin No. 14 Texas A&M (5-3) SOS: 5 — Won 30-29
  • Sagarin No. 16 Missouri (4-4) SOS: 1 — Won 45-24
  • Sagarin No. 20 Tulsa (5-3) SOS: 34 — Won 59-33
  • Sagarin No. 22 Baylor (4-3) SOS: 8 — Won 59-24
  • BCS No. 21 Texas (5-2) SOS: 14 — Won 38-26

Important Games Remaining

  • BCS No. 14 Kansas State (7-1) SOS: 20 — Nov. 5
  • BCS No. 6 Oklahoma Sooners (7-1) SOS: 9 — Dec. 3
  • Sagarin No. 28 Texas Tech (5-3) SOS: 36 — Nov. 12
  • Sagarin No. 31 Iowa State (4-4) SOS: 7 — Nov. 18

BCS No. 4 Stanford Cardinal (8-0) SOS: 53

Important Games Already Played

  • Sagarin No. 23 USC (6-2) SOS: 26 — Won 56-48
  • Sagarin No. 26 Washington (6-2) SOS: 42 — Won 65-21

Important Games Remaining

  • BCS No. 8 Oregon (7-1) SOS: 45 — Nov. 12
  • Sagarin No. 41 Notre Dame (5-3) SOS: 22 — Nov. 26
  • Pac-12 Championship Game (Potential)

BCS No. 5 Boise State Broncos (7-0) SOS: 31

Important Games Already Played

  • BCS No. 18 Georgia (6-2) SOS: 15 — Won 35-21
  • Sagarin No. 20 Tulsa (5-3) SOS: 34 — Won 41-21
  • Sagarin No. 44 Nevada (5-3) SOS: 72 — Won 30-10

Important Games Remaining

  • Sagarin No. 39 TCU (6-2) SOS: 88 — Nov. 12

BCS No. 6 Oklahoma Sooners (7-1) SOS: 9

Important Games Already Played

  • BCS No. 21 Texas (5-2) SOS: 14 — Won 55-17
  • Sagarin No. 16 Missouri (4-4) SOS: 1 — Won 38-28
  • Sagarin No. 28 Texas Tech (5-3) SOS: 36 — Lost 41-38

Important Games Remaining

  • BCS No. 3 Oklahoma State (8-0) SOS: 8 — Dec. 3
  • BCS No. 14 Kansas State (7-1) SOS: 20 — Oct. 29
  • Sagarin No. 14 Texas A&M (5-3) SOS: 5 — Nov. 5
  • Sagarin No. 22 Baylor (4-3) SOS: 8 — Nov. 19
  • Sagarin No. 31 Iowa State (4-4) SOS: 7 — Nov. 26

Third BCS Rankings of 2011: Stanford Leaps Ahead of Boise State While No. 1 LSU, No. 2 Alabama Prepare for Showdown

Stanford jumps to No. 4 on the strength of its victory over USC combined with losses by Clemson and Kansas State, but of course, the conversation turns almost immediately to the top two slots, where LSU and Alabama sit once again with just one week until their showdown in Tuscaloosa.

The Tigers and Crimson Tide remain situated at the top of this week’s standings, now waiting out the days until they get a chance to help clear up the BCS picture, although the chance of a muddled picture at the top at the end of the season grows with every undefeated who falls. Again the question arises — could we see a rematch of the SEC powerhouses in the BCS national title game?

For now, the two lead a pack of impressive BCS teams who made plenty of moves in this week’s standings.

Stanford lands past Boise State on a far better computer average than the Cardinal had been enjoying until this point, mostly from their first quality win of the season over USC. Oklahoma State improves its lead on the teams that come after it, although not by much, and still trail the SEC duo.

Oklahoma rejoins the conversation at No. 6 after topping Kansas State, followed by one-loss squads Arkansas and Oregon. The Razorbacks sneak by Oregon on the strength of their computer support, far better than that of the Ducks.

South Carolina and Nebraska also make impressive jumps into the top 10, as both have bounced back from earlier losses.

Clemson and Kansas State take tumbles after their hopes at undefeated seasons came to an end Saturday, with both dropping six slots.

But enough talk, here’s the third BCS rankings of 2011.

BCS Standings Week Three — October 30

Rank Team BCS Score
1 LSU Tigers .9734
2 Alabama Crimson Tide .9591
3 Oklahoma State Cowboys .9310
4 Stanford Cardinal .8615
5 Boise State Broncos .8522
6 Oklahoma Sooners .7760
7 Arkansas Razorbacks .7033
8 Oregon Ducks .6916
9 South Carolina Gamecocks .6177
10 Nebraska Cornhuskers .6156
11 Clemson Tigers .5961
12 Virginia Tech Hokies .5693
13 Houston Cougars .4698
14 Kansas State Wildcats .4600
15 Michigan Wolverines .4512
16 Penn State Nittany Lions .4022

Some thoughts:

  • BCS Know How’s Projected BCSvs. Actual BCS Rankings
    • Not the worst, not the best. Got 1-6, switched around a few after that. Wasn’t expecting Arkansas’s precipitous rise, was expecting that from Virginia Tech instead…

Harris Interactive Poll Week Nine: Stanford Bolsters Support While Top Five Remain Unchanged

LSU tops the poll once again, while Stanford makes some moves on the strength of its thrilling overtime victory over USC late Saturday night.

Oklahoma is right back in the middle of things in the Harris Poll after blasting Kansas State, while the Wildcats and Clemson take significant falls respectively.

Certainly, next week’s LSU-Alabama game will shake things up a bit. How will things fall into place? You’ll have to stay tuned.

Harris Interactive College Football Poll – October 30

Rank Team Votes Share of Vote
1 LSU Tigers 2853 .992
2 Alabama Crimson Tide 2775 .965
3 Oklahoma State Cowboys 2594 .902
4 Stanford Cardinal 2552 .888
5 Boise State Broncos 2438 .848
6 Oregon Ducks 2266 .788
7 Oklahoma Sooners 2158 .751
8 Arkansas Razorbacks 2015 .701
9 Nebraska Cornhuskers 1918 .667
10 Clemson Tigers 1697 .590
11 South Carolina Gamecocks 1696 .589
12 Virginia Tech Hokies 1594 .554