USA Today Coaches’ Poll Week Three: Top Six Remain Unchanged

This week’s action was apparently not enough to convince the coaches that they needed to change much of anything, as the top six in the week three USA Today Coaches’ Poll is the same as it was last week.

Nebraska comes away with a surprising No. 1 vote in the poll, Alabama gets the same 55 as they did last week and Ohio State gets three.

Boise State starts its hard climb back towards the top two spots, gaining some points since last week, but still facing a large gap between their point total and that of Ohio State and ‘Bama.

Nebraska uses their first place vote and a shellacking of Washington to jump up one spot from No. 8 to No. 7, while Florida trades places by moving down a spot.

Wisconsin makes their season debut in the top ten, seemingly taking the place of Iowa as the second Big Ten team in the top ten of the rankings. The Badgers were likely a missed extra point away from going into overtime with the less than stellar Arizona State Sun Devils on Saturday.

The distance between the top nine and Wisconsin is shockingly large, and it seems as though the coaches only truly believe in nine teams’ capabilities as a national title contender.

USA Today Coaches’ Poll – September 19th

Rank Team Votes Share of Vote
1 Alabama 1470 .997
2 Ohio State 1410 .956
3 Boise State 1291 .875
4 Texas 1251 .848
5 TCU 1188 .805
6 Oregon 1181 .801
7 Nebraska 1135 .769
8 Florida 1092 .740
9 Oklahoma 1060 .719
10 Wisconsin 884 .599

Projected BCS Bowls – September 19th

[Editor’s note: This projection is from September 19th, 2010. To see more recent projections, scroll to the bottom of the post for weekly updates to the projected BCS bowls.]

Oh Big East, how you’ve come to shock me over the years.

During the reign of the BCS, no conference has been more unpredictable and — in the past few years — more middling than the Big East. Its a wonder anyone can truly predict what’s going to happen in the East Coast’s favorite basketball conference when it comes to football.

We chose Connecticut to win the Big East, but with a second loss in three weeks, its starting to not look so good.

That’s not the only change necessary, losses by Iowa and Connecticut and a near-loss from Oregon State realign my thoughts.

BCS National Championship Game: Alabama Crimson Tide (BCS No. 1) vs. Ohio State Buckeyes (BCS No. 2)

Comment: This one’s still chugging along, as both teams roll overwhelmed opponents once again. However, conference play is not far away for either team, and we’ll finally be able to measure each team’s true worth.

Rose Bowl: Boise State Broncos (Automatic at-large selection) vs. Oregon Ducks (Pac-10 Champion)

Comment: Oregon State squeaked out the slightest of victories over a truly middling Louisville team on Saturday, not a good sign for their postseason hopes, so lets put offensive machine Oregon in the Rose Bowl for the first time this season. The Ducks have scored 189 points in 180 minutes of football this year and look basically unstoppable.

Boise State took care of business against Wyoming. Next test? Oregon State.

Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma Sooners (Big 12 Champion) vs. West Virginia Mountaineers (Big East Champion)

Comment: Oklahoma looked shaky again against Air Force, but did just enough to get by. They still look like the class of the Big 12 Conference.

West Virginia looks really darn good, especially when quarterback Geno Smith can make such strides and looks like a proficient passer from any part of the pocket. Watch out for the Mountaineers, they could be dangerous down the stretch.

Orange Bowl: TCU Horned Frogs (At-large selections) vs. Miami Hurricanes (ACC Champion)

Comment: Miami was idle this weekend, but the ACC still doesn’t look like it comes any stronger than the Hurricanes. Iowa’s loss is TCU’s gain here, as the Horned Frogs continue to look quite good against BCS conference opponents.

Sugar Bowl: Texas Longhorns (At-large selection) vs. Florida Gators (At-large selection)

Comment: Both teams took advantage of their first in-conference games on Saturday, and although neither win was pretty, it showed that both teams are capable of converting ugly victories in the clutch. That is enough for now to have faith that both will eventually make their way into BCS bowl games at the end of this season. Why not against each other?

Projected BCS Standings Week Three: Florida and Texas Stay Strong

When afforded the chance in college football, you have got to take advantage.

On Saturday, teams like Florida and Texas took the opportunity given to them and opened their conference schedules with big wins over very strong opponents.

They were not the prettiest of wins, but the teams did the jobs they needed to do to get out of road conference games with the “W.”

Teams like Iowa, however, may have effectively killed their chances at a national title even before the season really started by losing to Arizona.

So three weeks are in the books in college football, and just like last year, not much has changed week to week.

Last week we saw Boise State get punished in the projected BCS rankings because of Virginia Tech’s shocking ineffectiveness against an FCS team. That will continue this week, but the Hokies victory (which was a struggle in and of itself) gives the Broncos some help in the newest projected BCS rankings. A victory over Wyoming also gives a nice little boost.

Texas and Florida, who had some nice computer rankings in week two, continue to ride the coattails of their computer love, and stay at the No.3 and No. 4 spots.

Not surprisingly, we find Alabama and Ohio State at No. 1 and No. 2 again this week, after the Buckeyes dispatched Ohio and Alabama took care of Duke.

Ohio State’s computer rankings are not nearly as good as they would like early this season, however, a nice boost is coming their way from a very strong Big Ten conference schedule.

Oklahoma, TCU and Oregon round out the projected top eight, all three taking nice strides on Saturday to show their strength.

TCU gets a boost up to No. 7 because of their victory over previously undefeated Baylor, while Oregon’s points massacre of Portland State certainly will not sit well with the strength of schedule hungry computers.

So, here’s what the BCS standings would look like if they were going to be released tomorrow, without any polling information.

Projected BCS Standings September 19

Rank Team
1 Alabama
2 Ohio State
3 Texas
4 Florida
5 Boise State
6 Oklahoma
8 Oregon