BCS Know How’s Postseason BCS Rankings

bigbcslogoEvery year, we here at BCS Know How publish postseason BCS rankings, what the BCS would look like if it were to come out after the conclusion of all of the bowl games.

All we try to do is to look at what the BCS would think of the teams after all is said and done.

Thankfully, most of the components of the BCS feel the same way – that postseason rankings are appropriate, we just compile those statistics into a new BCS ranking.

After Anderson and Hester finally released their postseason rankings yesterday, we can finally reveal the top 12 in the BCS Know How Postseason BCS Rankings.

For the formula, we replace the Harris Interactive Poll with the Associated Press as the Harris does not reveal postseason rankings.

Not surprisingly, the BCS National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide claimed a unanimous No. 1 vote throughout the BCS components.

Florida comes in close behind, reaffirming the belief that the SEC held the two best teams in the nation this year.

BCS darling Boise State and BCS runners-up Texas are a close No. 3 and 4, while No. 5 Rose Bowl champion Ohio State is well off the pace.

TCU, Iowa and Cincinnati round out the top eight, all bunched closely together. The Bearcats and Horned Frogs had been third and fourth in the final BCS rankings, but losses in BCS bowls hurt their cases at better final rankings positioning.

If you want to take a closer look at all of the final rankings, you can take a look at BCS Know How’s Postseason Rankings worksheet right HERE.

BCS Rankings

Rank Team BCS Score
1 Alabama 1.000
2 Florida .9283
3 Texas .9170
4 Boise State .9120
5 Ohio State .7923
6 TCU .7786
7 Iowa .7470
8 Cincinnati .7356
9 Penn State .6786
10 Va. Tech .6443
11 Oregon .6413
12 BYU .5793

Oregon Secures First Rose Bowl Bid Since 1995


The University of Oregon has secured the Pac-10 Championship, the Pac-10’s automatic BCS bowl bid and its first Rose Bowl berth since 1995 by beating Oregon State 37-33 on Thursday.

The Ducks will face off against Ohio State, who clinched a spot in Pasadena two weeks ago. The matchup will feature two dynamic quarterbacks, Jeremiah Masoli and Terrelle Pryor.

The Buckeye defense will have its work cut out for them against the explosive Duck offensive attack that also features a duo of speedy running backs, LaMichael James and LeGarret Blount.

Look for a BCS Know How preview after all of the BCS bowls are announced on Sunday.

Harris Interactive and Coaches’ Poll: November 29th


USA Today Coaches’ Poll

Rank Team Votes Share of Vote
1 Florida 1468 .995
2 Texas 1394 .945
3 Alabama 1380 .936
4 TCU 1285 .871
5 Cincinnati 1231 .835
6 Boise State 1197 .811
7 Ohio State 1104 .748
8 Oregon 1061 .719
9 Penn State 975 .661
10 Iowa 889 .603

Harris Interactive Poll

Rank Team Votes Share of Vote
1 Florida 2783 .985
2 Texas 2682 .949
3 Alabama 2651 .938
4 TCU 2473 .875
5 Cincinnati 2343 .829
6 Boise State 2309 .817
7 Ohio State 2108 .746
8 Oregon 2044 .724
9 Penn State 1804 .639
10 Iowa 1711 .606

Harris Interactive and Coaches’ Poll: November 22nd


USA Today Coaches’ Poll

Rank Team Votes Share of Vote
1 Florida 1459 .989
2 Texas 1398 .948
3 Alabama 1388 .941
4 TCU 1279 .867
5 Cincinnati 1224 .830
6 Boise State 1181 .801
7 Georgia Tech 1125 .763
8 Ohio State 1031 .699
9 Pittsburgh 1021 .692
10 Oregon 941 .638

Harris Interactive Poll

Rank Team Votes Share of Vote
1 Florida 2793 .980
2 Texas 2711 .951
3 Alabama 2688 .943
4 TCU 2487 .873
5 Cincinnati 2358 .827
6 Boise State 2307 .809
7 Georgia Tech 2178 .764
8 Ohio State 1989 .698
9 Pittsburgh 1907 .699
10 Oregon 1822 .639

New BCS Rankings – Week Five: Few Differences From A Week Ago

bigbcslogoAll eight teams of the BCS’s top eight remain unchanged this week, after the middle weekend in November held no surprises for the nation’s best.

Moving up into the ninth spot was Pittsburgh, the beneficiary of Iowa’s loss and of some national exposure from their game against Notre Dame. The Panthers’ entrance into the BCS top ten is the first time this year that the Big East has had two teams in the top ten, joining constant No. 5 Cincinnati.

Even the scores don’t see much change along the top of the standings, as the distance between Florida, Alabama and Texas remained rather unchanged from a week ago.

Also seeing great improvement was Ohio State, on the heels of their overtime victory over Iowa, but was unable to make their way into the top ten. Not to worry though, the Buckeyes are assured a Rose Bowl bid, and therefore don’t really need to worry much about final BCS standings.

Important progress has been made in the realm of at-large bids in this week’s BCS standings despite the lack of movement at the top.

USC’s third loss of the season kicked them out of the top 14, a necessary requirement for a BCS at-large bid, and opened the door a little more for two BCS buster schools to get at-large bids this year – which would be a first.

Penn State lingers at No. 14, who theoretically could be chosen above the Broncos for an at-large bid, but they will have to survive one final test at Michigan State next weekend.

Its unlikely that the Big 12, Big East or ACC will get an at-large bid, which leaves a few spots open for at-large selections, and hope for Boise State remains.

BCS Rankings – November 15th

Rank Team BCS Score
1 Florida .9833
2 Alabama .9521
3 Texas .9261
4 TCU .8685
5 Cincinnati .8536
6 Boise State .7950
7 Georgia Tech .7716
8 LSU .6648
9 Pittsburgh .6569
10 Ohio State .6495
11 Oregon .6265
12 Oklahoma State .4708

Harris Interactive and Coaches’ Poll: November 15th


USA Today Coaches’ Poll

Rank Team Votes Share of Vote
1 Florida 1460 .990
2 Texas 1397 .947
3 Alabama 1388 .941
4 TCU 1277 .866
5 Cincinnati 1219 .826
6 Boise State 1183 .802
7 Georgia Tech 1127 .764
8 Ohio State 1019 .691
9 Pittsbugh 997 .676
10 LSU 956 .648

Harris Interactive Poll

Rank Team Votes Share of Vote
1 Florida 2793 .980
2 Texas 2711 .951
3 Alabama 2694 .945
4 TCU 2479 .869
5 Cincinnati 2349 .842
6 Boise State 2317 .813
7 Georgia Tech 2168 .761
8 Ohio State 1960 .688
9 Pittsbugh 1895 .665
10 LSU 1813 .636

College Football’s Most Boring Weekend: No One Wants to Lose

terrellepryorTo call this season of college football boring would be a terrible, terrible mistake.

To call this past weekend’s serving of college football boring – well that might be a pretty good assessment.

Another weekend goes by, and nothing seems to change in college football. In fact, this weekend, only one top ten team lost to an unranked opponent, No. 9 USC’s shocking home loss to Stanford.

Other than the Trojan egg laying at the LA Coliseum, favorites won out.

The most interesting storyline to come out of the weekend was probably that Ohio State claimed the first BCS bowl bid with their 27-24 overtime victory over Iowa. In clinching at least a share of the Big 10 conference title, the Buckeyes also hold the BCS bid tiebreaker, and will likely head to the Rose Bowl.

The weekend was supposed to be about a threat to TCU’s ascension to BCS glory. That didn’t exactly pan out.

Instead what we got was a really entertaining show from the Horned Frogs, enough that many might call for TCU to jump at least Texas in the next BCS standings. Will it happen?

Likely not, but expect the Horned Frogs to inch closer to the Longhorns in tomorrow’s BCS standings.

We’re inching closer to other BCS bowl bids filling up, especially in the ACC, where Georgia Tech clinched the ACC Coastal Division and a chance to win the conference’s bid for a likely Orange Bowl berth. Clemson is a step away from that game as well after CJ Spiller helped the Tigers win on Saturday.

In the Big East, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh both won, setting up an ultimate showdown on the regular season’s final weekend for the conference’s BCS bowl bid, if the two teams can make it there without a conference loss.

Texas, Alabama and Florida all continued their respective marches to their conference title games as well.

So the entire top eight won on Saturday, so tomorrow’s BCS will look mighty familiar to us all, except probably at the eighth spot, where Ohio State is likely to take over for LSU, who was pretty darn close to losing to Louisiana Tech on Saturday, and won’t find any help from the human element or the computer element for that surprisingly close result.

The Buckeyes on the other hand will get help in both areas for beating a previously adored Hawkeye team, especially in the computers.

Without any polling information, here is a quick stab at what the BCS top 8 might look like when released after the end of NFL action on FOX Sunday evening:

Projected BCS Standings November 15th

Rank Team
1 Florida
2 Alabama
3 Texas
5 Cincinnati
6 Boise State
7 Georgia Tech
8 Ohio State