BCS Computer Rankings Week Four: Alabama Rises To Top Spot Among BCS Computers

Alabama’s victory over LSU gives it the strength it needed to rise to the No. 1 spot in the BCS computer aggregate, as the Crimson Tide now claim ownership of the top spot among all three BCS components.

Notre Dame slips slightly to No. 2 in the computers, while Kansas State is down to No. 3. The key development is, of course, Oregon’s non-movement after a victory over USC. But the Ducks do make up some of the distance that had separated themselves and Kansas State, as the Ducks are now just .09 behind the Wildcats.

Here are the rankings of the six BCS computers:

Six BCS Computer Standings – BCS Week Four (November 4)

Rank Anderson Billingsley Colley Massey Sagarin Wolfe
1 Notre Dame Alabama Notre Dame Alabama Alabama Alabama
2 Kansas St. Kansas St. Alabama Notre Dame Kansas St. Notre Dame
3 Alabama Notre Dame Kansas St. Kansas St.  Notre Dame Kansas St.
4 Florida Oregon Florida Florida Florida Oregon
5 Oregon Georgia Oregon Oregon Georiga Florida
6 Georiga Florida Oregon St. Gerogia LSU Georgia

And the aggregate BCS computer rankings:

BCS Computer Rankings Aggregate – BCS Week Four (November 4)

Rank Team Share of Vote
1 Alabama Crimson Tide .990
2 Notre Dame Fighting Irish .960
3 Kansas State Wildcats .940
4 Florida Gators .870
5 Oregon Ducks .850
6 Georgia Bulldogs .810
7 LSU Tigers .740
8 South Carolina Gamecocks .690
8 Oregon State Beavers .690
10 Oklahoma Sooners .660
11 Texas A&M Aggies .560
12 Stanford Cardinal .550

Fourth BCS Rankings of 2012: Oregon Passes Notre Dame, Sets Sights on No. 2 Kansas State

Winning finally paid for Oregon this week, as the Ducks finally make an upward move in the fourth BCS standings of the season, rising one spot, from No. 4 to No. 3 and past Notre Dame.

Official BCS Rankings
Rank Team
1 Alabama Crimson Tide
2 Kansas State Wildcats
3 Oregon Ducks
4 Notre Dame Fighting Irish
5 Georgia Bulldogs
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Oregon continues to trail No. 2 Kansas State and No. 1 Alabama, but Kansas State’s position is precarious at best.

Gains in all three components of the BCS — the Harris Poll, Coaches’ Poll and BCS computers — allowed Oregon to sneak past the Fighting Irish and the Ducks can now set their sights on the Wildcats.

Already ahead of Kansas State in the two human elements, the Ducks will look to their schedule and some computer help to make up the ground they need to get into the top two slots and the berth in the national title game that comes along with it. The distance that separates the two teams now is the .09 advantage the Wildcats enjoy in the computers through the fourth BCS standings.

Georgia rounds out the BCS top five, taking the spot of LSU, which would have been the story of the weekend had the Ducks not put away USC and finally grew their support to the point where the Ducks finally saw a growth in support and a shrinking of rankings number.

An interesting group of teams follows the Bulldogs — one which includes the twice-beaten Tigers. Florida, South Carolina, LSU, Florida State, and Louisville land in an area enviable by most — an area of BCS bowl eligibility. Sure, only two SEC teams can be BCS bound, and one of them is likely to be Alabama, but the teams that land in the top 10 with just four sets of these remaining will jockey to the season’s end.

Undefeated Louisville continues to loom, in at No. 9 this week, while Oregon State and Oklahoma round out the top 12. Clemson and Stanford land inside the all-important top 14, the threshold for BCS eligibility, exasperated this year by the glut of SEC squads among the nations’ best.

Four weeks in and four weeks to go, no questions are solidly answered. Be sure to stay tuned to BCS Know How and @BCSKnowHow throughout the coming weeks for all the latest analysis and news.

Here’s the fourth BCS rankings of 2012:

BCS Standings Week Four — November 4th

Rank Team BCS Score
1 Alabama Crimson Tide .9957
2 Kansas State Wildcats .9318
3 Oregon Ducks .9166
4 Notre Dame Fighting Irish .9050
5 Georgia Bulldogs .8171
6 Florida Gators .7863
7 LSU Tigers .7054
8 South Carolina Gamecocks .6206
9 Louisville Cardinals .6040
10 Florida State Seminoles .5969
11 Oregon State Beavers .5965
12 Oklahoma Sooners .5812
13 Clemson Tigers .5772
14 Stanford Cardinal .5086
15 Texas A&M Aggies .5060
16 Nebraska Cornhuskers .3976

Some thoughts:

  • BCS Know How’s Projected BCS vs. Actual BCS Rankings
    • Good until 11. Again. Thought the lack of strength from Oregon State against Arizona State would knock them down one, but steady week-to-week.

Harris Interactive Poll Week 10: Oregon, Kansas State gain on Alabama

LSU’s drop in the Harris Poll is accompanied by slight gains for both Oregon and Kansas State in the latest Harris Interactive Poll, as Alabama slightly loses its grasp on its dominating No. 1 spot.

Still well ahead of the pack, Alabama loses one point while Oregon gains 10 points and Kansas State gains 8. Georgia, Florida State and Florida each move up one spot, while LSU falls to No. 8.

Harris Interactive College Football Poll – November 4

Rank Team Votes Share of Vote
1 Alabama Crimson Tide 2867 .997
2 Oregon Ducks 2735 .951
3 Kansas State Wildcats 2664 .927
4 Notre Dame Fighting Irish 2533 .881
5 Georgia Bulldogs 2345 .816
6 Florida State Seminoles 2223 .773
7 Florida Gators 2154 .749
8 LSU Tigers 2011 .699
9 Clemson Tigers 1969 .685
10 Louisville Cardinals 1825 .635
11 South Carolina Gamecocks 1654 .575
12 Oregon State Beavers 1588 .552

USA Today Coaches’ Poll Week 10: Florida State, Florida, Clemson climb up

While LSU’s loss sends the Tigers down a few spots, with Clemson, Florida, Florida State and Georgia grabbing the free spots, the really interesting development of the latest USA Today Coaches’ Poll is Oregon’s eight-point gain on Alabama and a widening of the gap between the Ducks and the teams it chases in the BCS.

Most notably, the distance Oregon made up on Alabama gives it a boost on the BCS No. 2 Kansas State and BCS No. 3 Notre Dame. Kansas State gained four points, while Notre Dame lost support after a tough victory over Pittsburgh in overtime on Saturday.

USA Today Coaches’ Poll – November 4

Rank Team Votes Share of Vote
1 Alabama Crimson Tide 1475 1.000
2 Oregon Ducks 1399 .948
3 Kansas State Wildcats 1370 .929
4 Notre Dame Fighting Irish 1289 .874
5 Georgia Bulldogs 1218 .826
6 Florida State Seminoles 1147 .778
7 Florida Gators 1091 .740
8 Clemson Tigers 1013 .687
9 LSU Tigers 998 .677
10 Louisville Cardinals 940 .637
11 South Carolina Gamecocks 880 .597
12 Oregon State Beavers 807 .547

Projected BCS Standings: Oregon Will Grab No. 3 Spot in Fourth BCS Rankings of 2012

It feels like it’s about time. After three weeks of watching teams pass it by, Oregon will finally return the favor — and will pass Notre Dame for the No. 3 spot in tomorrow’s BCS standings.

Projected BCS Rankings
Rank Team
1 Alabama Crimson Tide
2 Kansas State Wildcats
3 Oregon Ducks
4 Notre Dame Fighting Irish
5 Georgia Bulldogs
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A victim of poor computer rankings as a result of somewhat lacking strength of schedule, a victory over USC should do the trick for Oregon, giving the Ducks the boost they need in all three components to pass Notre Dame tomorrow.

Just like in weeks past, however, Oregon will continue to trail No. 1 Alabama and No. 2 Kansas State, which will both retain their spots occupied last weekend. But watch carefully — the distance between Oregon and Kansas State will begin to shrink tomorrow. How much it shrinks will be vitally important to any hope the Ducks have of catching the Wildcats for that elusive to this point No. 2 spot.

After Notre Dame’s tense, close victory over Pittsburgh the Fighting Irish will fall to No. 4, but will not fall too far behind the Ducks for the No. 3 spot, still well within reach of a title game berth if two of the three teams ahead of them should slip up.

Georgia’s big victory over Ole Miss combined with LSU’s loss to Alabama should bring the Bulldogs into the BCS top five for the first time this season, making Georgia the class of the one-loss teams fighting for BCS hopes as the season hits its home stretch.

The Bulldogs’ appearance only begins a cavalcade of SEC squads that help round out the top 10, as Florida will likely climb back to No. 6, followed by LSU and South Carolina.

Pesky and undefeated Louisville will likely crack the top-nine this week, getting just enough from their victory over Temple to pass by idle Florida State, which is likely to land at No. 10.

Oregon State and Oklahoma are likely to round out the top 12 in some order, bunched

Remember, we’ll be here to take you through all of it, starting with tomorrow’s releases of the human polls, computer rankings and BCS. Follow along all day tomorrow @BCSKnowHow and right here to stay up to the second with projections, mathematical breakdowns of the computers, human polls and everything in between. Then follow along this week as we break down scenarios and implications.

Got all that? Hope so.

Here’s what the BCS standings will likely look like when they are released tomorrow at 8:30 p.m. ET on ESPN:

Projected BCS Standings – BCS Week Four (November 4th)

Rank Team
1 Alabama Crimson Tide
2 Kansas State Wildcats
3 Oregon Ducks
4 Notre Dame Fighting Irish
5 Georgia Bulldogs
6 Florida Gators
7 LSU Tigers
8 South Carolina Gamecocks
9 Louisville Cardinals
10 Florida State Seminoles
11 Oklahoma Sooners
12 Oregon State Beavers

Projected 2013 BCS Bowls — November 4th

LSU-Alabama might not have been the earth-shattering game we anticipated last season and USC-Oregon might not have been an all-undefeated showdown of top-five squads, but it’s never a bad sign when you feel like things are still to come.

BCS Bowl Projections
Bowl Matchup
Title Game Alabama vs. Kansas State
Rose Bowl Oregon vs. Nebraska
Sugar Bowl Florida vs. Clemson
Orange Bowl Florida St. vs. Louisville
Fiesta Bowl Oklahoma vs. Notre Dame
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Like last week, we are left with four undefeated teams set to occupy the four top spots in the BCS. A fifth undefeated team, Louisville, trails, but is positioning itself for a BCS bid nonetheless.

Victories this weekend doesn’t do much to shift the BCS bowl projections, but trap games and key showdowns, including championship games, loom. Crunch time and November are here.

BCS National Championship Game: Alabama Crimson Tide (BCS No. 1) vs. Kansas State Wildcats (BCS No. 2)

Comment: Threatened early and late, Alabama completed a comeback and proved its spot as the nation’s top team behind AJ McCarron’s game-winning drive. With three SEC games and the SEC Championship Game looming, Alabama’s tests are not complete, but it sure looks like the Crimson Tide are headed back to the title game.

Kansas State was too tested against ranked Oklahoma State, but made the final margin as convincing as anything they’ve accomplished thus far this season. Because of their body of work, Kansas State just gets the edge over Oregon in the No. 2 spot and is title game bound.

Rose Bowl: Oregon Ducks (Pac-12 champions) vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers (Big Ten champion)

Comment: Having won three straight conference games, Nebraska looks to be getting hot at the right time, and with three more conference meetings to go before a possible berth in the Big Ten Championship Game, the Cornhuskers seem to be just what the Big Ten needed — a team that could convincingly win the conference in light of Ohio State’s ineligibility.

Oregon, in danger of missing the national championship game because of BCS math, would land in the Rose Bowl as the Pac-12 champion if not in the title game as an undefeated team.

Sugar Bowl: Florida Gators (At-large selection) vs. Clemson Tigers (At-large selection)

Comment: It’s funny what a dominant conference will do. With so many SEC teams filling up the BCS standings, the system itself is almost handcuffed by its own rules. Capped at two teams from any conference, the BCS will have to go looking elsewhere for its at-large teams when December comes, and sitting there might be Clemson, an impressive team, no doubt. After picking Florida as a replacement for the SEC champion Alabama, Clemson seems like a good spot filler here, replacing what could have been a Boise State squad before the Broncos were upset late Saturday night.

Orange Bowl: Florida State Seminoles (ACC champion) vs. Louisville Cardinals (Big East champion)

Comment: Louisville was locked in a battle with Temple on Saturday until the Cardinals were finally able to pull away and complete a blowout. The performance again solidified the Cardinals’ role as Big East favorites. A conference title would likely land the Cardinals here against the ACC champion. Florida State, resting while the ACC continues to beat up on itself, looks to be the favorite to accomplish that.

Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma Sooners (At-large selection) vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (At-large selection)

Comment: In the strange process that is the BCS bowl selection process, some things get lost in the shuffle. Among them is the draft that the bowls partake in on that fateful selection Sunday. If the national championship game is to feature Alabama and Kansas State, that would create a selection order that would see the Fiesta Bowl collect two consecutive picks. With those picks, wouldn’t they love to select a traditional Big 12 participant and an undefeated or once-beaten Notre Dame?