Florida State Clinches Spot in ACC Championship Game

Maryland’s upset 38-31 victory over NC State on Saturday has given the ACC Atlantic Division title to the Florida State Seminoles, and in turn, a berth in the ACC Championship Game to be held next Saturday, December 4.

Florida State had not been in control of its own destiny on Saturday, instead playing Florida in a non-conference rivalry game while Maryland and NC State played in the game that would decide the Atlantic victor.

The Seminoles were convincing in their 31-7 victory over Florida, however the game could not effect the race for the spot in the ACC Championship Game.

An NC State victory would have given the Wolfpack the Atlantic crown and sent them on their way to Charlotte, North Carolina to play for the ACC’s automatic BCS bowl bid and likely trip to the Orange Bowl. However with a chance to control their own BCS destiny, the Wolfpack fell just short against the Terrapins.

The Virginia Tech Hokies will be awaiting the Seminoles after they clinched their spot in the game last weekend, and rounded out their ACC schedule on Saturday with a convincing victory over Virginia.