Final BCS Standings: Alabama and Texas Finish the Season On Top

bigbcslogoAn entire season passed us by we waited for an upset, some kind of drama.

Finally we got a dramatic weekend, and an upset of the No. 1 team in the nation in the final weekend of the season, and the BCS bowls were finally announced after weeks of prognostication.

After upsetting the Florida Gators in the SEC Championship Game, the Alabama Crimson Tide secured a berth in the BCS National Title game, where they will meet the Texas Longhorns. The Longhorns needed a last-second field goal to clinch the Big 12 title and spot in the National Title game.

The two teams finish a convincing 1-2 in the final BCS rankings, with Cincinnati finishing third, but outside of striking distance.

The rest of the BCS bowl bids were filled rather predictably, in fact the ten teams that received BCS bowl bids were the teams that finished 1-10 in the final BCS rankings.

Falling to No. 5 after their loss in the SEC Championship Game, the Florida Gators were rewarded for an undefeated regular season with a Sugar Bowl bid where they will meet those Bearcats.

No. 4 TCU and No. 6 Boise State will meet in the Fiesta Bowl, a first for the non-BCS conferences – not only to play each other in a BCS bowl game – but also the first time ever that more than one non-BCS school was invited to the BCS party.

No. 7 Oregon and No. 8 Ohio State have known their fates for quite some time, and when the BCS rankings were released, it mattered little where they finished – the Rose Bowl will likely provide one of the best matchups of the bowl season.

No. 9 Georgia Tech will find themselves rewarded for their ACC Championship with a matchup with Big 10 resurgent Iowa, who finish tenth in the final BCS standings.

So the regular season is done, and now we enter what ESPN calls the most wonderful time of the year. Stay tuned to BCS Know How as we will provide previews and analysis in the coming days for all the bowl games.

Final BCS Rankings – December 6th

Rank Team BCS Score
1 Alabama .9978
2 Texas .9433
3 Cincinnati .8878
4 TCU .8836
5 Florida .8637
6 Boise State .8106
7 Oregon .7568
8 Ohio State .6568
9 Georgia Tech .6471
10 Iowa .6180
11 Virginia Tech .5675
12 LSU .5375

New BCS Rankings Week Seven: An Epic Final Weekend is Set

bigbcslogoWe’ve been waiting the entire length of the college football season for a huge upset, but haven’t gotten one.

For all the boredom that that brings to the college football scene, the week seven BCS standings finally point to a final weekend of the season that could be supremely exciting.

Florida, Alabama and Texas occupy the top three spots as they have all season, and are set to play in season deciding games.

Florida and Alabama have known for quite some time that winning out during the regular season would allow for a national semifinal in the SEC Championship Game, and that’s exactly what we’re going to get, as a loss by either team would knock it out of the national title spots. A victory would send either team to the BCS National Championship Game in Pasadena, Calif.

Texas only needs to beat No. 22 Nebraska in order to punch their ticket to Pasadena for the title game, but after the Longhorns had some trouble with Texas A&M anything is still possible.

After that, things get a little more interesting.

Say, for instance, that Texas is shocked in the Big 12 Championship Game. Who would fill their spot?

No. 4 TCU and No. 5 Cincinnati have sat in the two spots directly behind the Longhorns for a few weeks now, but the Bearcats have slowly but surely crept closer and closer to the Horned Frogs during these weeks.

TCU has basically locked up a BCS bowl spot, but could they take the spot of the Longhorns should they falter? Or, should they beat Pitt on Saturday, will the BCS be untrusting of a non-BCS team in the national title game and jump the Bearcats over TCU and leave the state of Texas completely out of the national title game?

At No. 6 Boise State must feel left out in all of this, even as an undefeated team. There is no chance for them to make the national title game, and it still seems like a 50-50 proposition for a BCS bowl bid.

No year has come where two non-BCS schools have participated in the BCS, but this could be that year.

After Oklahoma State lost on Saturday, which certainly helped the Broncos cause, but there remains the strong possibility of another BCS conference team being taken ahead of the Broncos with an at-large selection

No. 7 Oregon will face No. 16 Oregon State for the Pac-10’s Rose Bowl bid and conference championship, playing for the rights to face No. 8 Ohio State.

No. 9 Iowa and No. 11 Penn State will likely also be battling it out in the press for a BCS at-large selection, as both are attractive candidates for the bowls with large national followings.

No. 10 Georgia Tech lost on Saturday to instate rival Georiga, but still can make a BCS bowl if they can beat Clemson in the ACC Championship Game next Saturday.

Until that time it’s sure to be a hectic projection-filled week as we approach the final weekend of the college football season.

You’ll want to stay tuned.

BCS Rankings – November 29th

Rank Team BCS Score
1 Florida .9868
2 Alabama .9513
3 Texas .9282
4 TCU .8689
5 Cincinnati .8547
6 Boise State .8096
7 Oregon .7343
8 Ohio State .6882
9 Iowa .6028
10 Georgia Tech .5803
11 Penn State .5499
12 Virginia Tech .5376

New BCS Rankings Week Six: Alabama Creeps Closer to No. 1

bigbcslogoWith the well documented chalk-fest that this college football season has been, its no surprise that the sixth edition of the BCS rankings look a whole lot like the first five.

The only real changes came towards the middle of the BCS bowl eligibility line (Top 16). Oregon and Ohio State both see their rankings rise after both won important conference games, and seem destined to play one another in the Rose Bowl, with Ohio State having already booked their ticket for Roses last weekend.

Oregon can join the Buckeyes if they can beat Oregon State in their Civil War in less than two weeks. The winner of that game will represent the Pac-10 in the BCS, as it is unlikely that another Pac-10 team will be BCS bowl eligible.

Another interesting development, although not exactly important down the stretch is how close Alabama has crept towards Florida. Mostly on the strength of their computer rankings, the Crimson Tide have gained some ground in the BCS on the Gators, and now sit just .005 points behind the Gators. That distance would be equivalent to just 42 extra points in the Harris Interactive Poll, or 22 in the Coaches’ Poll.

Its likely that we will not see much change next week either, setting up a huge and very important December 5th weekend where most of the BCS bowl bids will be decided and maybe we’ll finally get some upsets and a shakeup or two.

BCS Rankings – November 22nd

Rank Team BCS Score
1 Florida .9664
2 Alabama .9614
3 Texas .9263
4 TCU .8699
5 Cincinnati .8591
6 Boise State .7834
7 Georgia Tech .7756
8 Oregon .6724
9 Pittsburgh .6638
10 Ohio State .6523
11 Iowa .5245
12 Oklahoma State .5134

Week 11 Preview: An MWC Showdown For All The Marbles

week11previewdaltoncainAs far as bowl games go, the Armed Forces Bowl isn’t half bad.

Good name, late in the bowl season (December 31st), ESPN coverage and two solid conference ties, the C-USA and Mountain West Conference.

Usually, the winner of the MWC would be headed to Forth Worth to play in this very worthy bowl game, but this year its just a little different for the non-BCS conference schools.

See this year, both TCU and Boise State (of the WAC) have good shots at making a BCS bowl, and for TCU to avoid a date in Texas on New Year’s Eve and head to a BCS bowl, this weekend’s match up with Utah is of the utmost importance.

The Horned Frogs have climbed all the way up the BCS standings in the last four weeks to No. 4, the highest ranked non-BCS school in the country. Where they sit now, TCU would be assured of a BCS bowl bid, but the Utes stand in their way.

A victory by Utah would likely give them the MWC conference title, and send them to either the aforementioned Armed Forces Bowl or the Humanitarian Bowl, but this week all they’re focused on is the Horned Frogs.

The Utes have been in just this situation in the past. In fact, last year an undefeated Utes team faced a game Horned Frogs squad with the chance for a BCS bowl bid for Utah on the line, and Utah prevailed, making its way to the Sugar Bowl. The Utes hope the favor is not returned to TCU.

This MWC showdown highlights a weekend of very important conference matchups.

As we come down the stretch of the college football season, for the teams not vying for BCS glory, these weeks will decide whether they go to a bowl, or sit at home and watch 68 other teams play one final game in one of the 34 bowls this season.

Also at stake this weekend is a Rose Bowl bid from the Big 10. Iowa, who had been coasting to the Big 10 conference title and a shot at the Roses, experienced their first loss last weekend. Now they face Ohio State, the winner likely to win the conference and a date in Pasadena on New Year’s Day.

The triumvirate ruling over college football this season – Texas, Alabama and Florida – all go on the road this weekend to weaker in conference opponents, looking to avoid upsets and put dampers on both their opponents in-conference and overall records.

The season winds down and bowl games begin to fill, crunch time for the nation’s best is approaching. This is when college football is at its finest, with the postseason on the line, and as much as you think you know about the season thus far may have absolutely nothing to do with what we could see in the coming weeks.

Those weeks start now.


Second BCS Standings of 2009: TCU and Iowa Make Big Statements

bigbcslogoFor the fourth straight year, it seems likely that a team that is not a member of the six BCS conferences will make an appearance in one of the BCS bowls.

This has been assumed since Boise State beat Oregon to open the college football season. But suddenly, it looks like it might just be Texas Christian University – better known as TCU – instead of the media darling Broncos.

In the season’s second BCS rankings, TCU, following a convincing victory over their first ranked opponent of the season, jumped two spots to No. 6, while Boise State dropped three, a victim of their weak schedule, from No. 4 to No. 7 to place the two teams back-to-back in this week’s standings.

The BCS sets up quite nicely for one non-BCS conference team to make an appearance in one of the five bowls, but doesn’t really facilitate two BCS busters during any single bowl season. TCU and Boise State may have something to say about that.

Many will likely call for both to be included, but a bevy of other teams who find themselves amongst the nations best in this week’s BCS standings will play important roles in figuring out just what the matchups will be when announced in six weeks.

Florida, Alabama and Texas are all just where we saw them last week, except Florida continues to lose ground to the two teams chasing them, as unconvincing performances against the lower portion of their SEC schedule inserts doubt into their dominance.

Iowa (No. 4) gets a boost from the computers after they played a good Michigan State team on Saturday and were victorious in the final seconds of the game. Ranked first in five out of the six computer rankings, the Hawkeyes are the first team this season to claim a perfect computer score with a 1.000.

USC also sees a spike in their BCS rating, jumping from No. 7 to No. 5 this week following a close victory at home over Oregon State on Saturday, although the computers remain unconvinced, ranking the Trojans ninth.

No. 8 Cincinnati and No. 9 LSU get left in the dust, after the Bearcats played a less than stellar opponent in Louisville and the Tigers were idle.

Oregon, Georgia Tech and Penn State round out the top 12 in this week’s standings, and will look for some help from the teams above them, which could come for the Ducks as they play USC next weekend at home.

BCS Rankings – October 25th

Rank Team BCS Score
1 Florida .9726
2 Alabama .9450
3 Texas .8927
4 Iowa .8249
5 USC .7944
6 TCU .7890
7 Boise State .7752
8 Cincinnati .7735
9 LSU .7030
10 Oregon .6456
11 Georgia Tech .5895
12 Penn State .5851

Not For Lack of Trying: Alabama, Iowa Among Favorites Who Escape Upset Bids

weekeightrecapiowaalabamaAs much as the upset is a part of college football, so too is the Houdini-like escape of a national power to avoid such a fate.

On Saturday, we saw not one, but two teams pull exactly that, and let another week go by without any questions about where this college football season is going having been answered.

In fact, only one top-25 team fell victim to an upset from an unranked opponent (Miami), although Michigan State and Tennessee did almost everything in their power to add to that number.

In Tuscaloosa, the Crimson Tide hosted a very hungry Volunteer team that stifled the Crimson Tide attack that had eaten up other SEC defenses. Missed and blocked field goals held the Volunteers from claiming a lead late in the game, but it seemed to not matter, as they lined up for a game tying field goal with four seconds left.

But Terrance Cody, who had blocked an earlier field goal, worked his magic on the point of attack once again, and blocked a second Daniel Lincoln attempt to save the Tide’s hope for a national title run.

Iowa did not have the convenience of home field advantage to aide in their last second touchdown drive of 70 yards on ten plays, but they used every last tick of the clock to their advantage, saving their season on a Ricky Stanzi touchdown pass with no time left on the clock to send the Hawkeyes to 8-0 for the first time in school history.

Iowa and Alabama were not alone on Saturday as many top teams faced conference opponents who ended up giving them all they could handle, although Miami was the only one to fall. Florida, USC, Utah and West Virginia all struggled for victories, but were able to make good on their favorite status, claiming victories late in their matchups.

TCU-BYU, which had been the story heading into the weekend, turned into a non-contest, with the Horned Frogs holding down Max Hall and the BYU offense, 38-7.

The second BCS standings are due tomorrow, and likely will look very similar to the ones you saw last week, quite simply because no one loss. One change that might just be in the works would be Iowa taking the No. 5 spot away from Cincinnati.

Last week the Hawkeyes were .0001 points behind the Bearcats, and with the Hawkeyes beating a Michigan State team (4-4) with victories over teams like Michigan and Northwestern. Cincinnati, on the other hand, beat Louisville (2-5), a team with a slightly less impressive track record, and will likely see the consequences of that in their computer rankings this week. Without much information on hand, including the very unpredictable nature of the human poll voters, it looks like the Hawkeyes will jump the Bearcats in tomorrow’s BCS standings, but much of the rest of the standings will look very familiar to college football’s faithful.

Without any polling information, here is a quick stab at what the BCS top 8 might look like tomorrow.

Projected BCS Standings October 25th

Rank Team
1 Florida
2 Alabama
3 Texas
4 Boise State
5 Iowa
6 Cincinnati

First BCS Rankings of 2009: Florida Claims Top Spot, Followed Closely By Alabama

bigbcslogoThe BCS rankings cause controversy. There’s no debating that.

But usually that controversy doesn’t come until at least a few weeks into the BCS rankings, when people can see a trend that they might disagree with.

This year however, there may be some griping to do just after one BCS rankings, following one of the most exciting and jam-packed action weekends of the college football season.

The top three of the first BCS standings may give some Alabama fans some pain, as the Crimson Tide sit at No. 2 on the first rankings, although the Associated Press poll, which is no longer a part of the BCS, had the Tide at No. 1 in their poll.

Alabama sits behind Florida, who has struggled to win the past few weeks, but in the eyes of the voters and computers, is strong enough to warrant the .046 point lead over the Tide.

Interestingly, Boise State and Cincinnati follow Texas (No. 3) in the BCS standings. Boise State gets healthy love from the computers and the human element, but Cincinnati is able to jump USC, who find themselves the victim of a poor computer ranking, and at No. 7 in the first BCS rankings.

In between the Bearcats and Trojans you can find the class of the Big 10, Iowa. The Hawkeyes also got love from the computers that was not shown in the human element, as they ranked seventh and eighth in the two polls, but find themselves at No. 6 in the BCS, just .0001 points behind Cincinnati for that No. 5 spot.

Ready to pounce on the BCS buster opportunity if Boise State is to falter, TCU enters the rankings at No. 8, a guaranteed BCS bowl berth position for the Horned Frogs if the Broncos are unable to win out.

LSU and Miami, each with one loss on their record round out the top 10, and will definitely need some major help to climb back up the rankings, where they had stood earlier this season.

Oregon, whose only loss came to Boise State, comes in at No. 11 followed by Georgia Tech, whose shocking victory over previous No. 4 Virginia Tech dropped the Hokies out of the top 12, and let the Yellow Jackets make an appearance in the year’s first BCS top 12.

BCS Rankings – October 18th

Rank Team BCS Score
1 Florida .9886
2 Alabama .9526
3 Texas .8911
4 Boise State .8083
5 Cincinnati .7870
6 Iowa .7869
7 USC .7695
8 TCU .7139
9 LSU .7083
10 Miami (FL) .6273
11 Oregon .5849
12 Georgia Tech .5702

Week Seven Preview: USC vs. Notre Dame, Red River Highlight Big Weekend

mccoybradfordThere are always good weekends and bad weekends during the course of the college football season.

We suffer through the weekends where the matchups are between two top 20 teams with no national implications, and no game is within two touchdowns, so we can savor a weekend like the one we’re about to see with even more happiness.

What makes it even better, the BCS rankings are just two days away and will finally clear up the national title picture that has been so muddled during the first portion of the college football season.

Rivalry games between Texas and Oklahoma, the Red River Shootout, and Notre Dame and USC highlight a weekend filled with important midseason conference battles for assertion of dominance in very tight conference battles.

Even games that have already been played, Cincinnati-South Florida and Tulane-Boise State were tough battles between good teams that gave some much-needed excitement to the midweek ESPN scheduling.

Move past those traditional crowd-pleasers and you get better than expected conference matchups like Iowa-Wisconsin, Alabama-Ole Miss, Virginia Tech-Georgia Tech, Missouri-Oklahoma State, and even Penn State-Minnesota.

The BCS rankings loom. The college football season is headed into overdrive.

What will the first BCS standings bring? What will the weekend’s slate of games do to the national title picture? Will there be a return to the upset-filled ways of the first few weeks of the season? Or will favorites prevail once again and leave the landscape unchanged?

Many questions indeed on this first BCS weekend of the season, but there doesn’t seem to be a better way to answer them all than to enjoy this what should be this year’s best college football weekend so far.