BlogPoll Week 11: A reset for Oregon and Kansas State

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BlogPoll Week Nine: With top three intact, weekend results dictate a shakeup

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BlogPoll Week Eight: Strong victories from Florida, Kansas State keep the status quo

Things are starting to clear up a bit at the top here, as both Kansas State and Florida submit strong victories over teh weekend.

Other strong victories from Oklahoma, USC and LSU are also impressive. So not much change here. Certain the victims o the strong victories are dropped.

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BlogPoll Week Seven: Kansas State, Florida, Notre Dame rise to top five

West Virginia, a team I invested quite a bit of trust in, came out flat against Texas Tech. So they’ll take a big tumble for me in the BlogPoll, that’s for sure.

Most of the rest of the weekend’s results, however, aren’t all that surprising. Sure, LSU beat higher-ranked South Carolina, but I had been high on the Tigers earlier this season, even as they underperformed game after game.

So here’s the largely unshocking ballot.

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BlogPoll Week Six: South Carolina, West Virginia and Florida prosper during moving week

Perhaps the best part of college football as we approach the BCS rankings is the sudden shaking that the rankings undergo on certain weeks. Occasionally there are calm, quiet weeks where everything turns out as expected.

And then there are the weekends where a bevy of ranked matchups give us a nice shaking of the things we thought we knew.

That is most evident in this ballot with LSU, which I was probably gave way too much credit for some pretty poor performances. Winners of the SEC battles this weekend prosper big, as they did in the real rankings.

But the darling here is West Virginia, a team I think could hang with just about anyone given the offensive powerhouse it is.

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BlogPoll Week Five: Florida State up to No. 5 while Stanford tumbles

It’s never easy to gauge how much you should read into any given game during the college football season. Should we take a Stanford victory over USC and then a Stanford loss to Washington to signify that the Trojans are, in fact, far worse than we thought? Or does that say more about Stanford? Or Washington?

That’s the kind of thing that makes ranking teams, especially this early in the season, tough.

For now, despite a defense that more resembles thin air than Swiss cheese, as far as I’m concerned West Virginia looks great, and that offense could probably hang with anybody in the country. So it’s the Mountaineers that round out my top four, with a little shuffling down the line.

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BlogPoll Week Four: Oregon proving its way to No. 2

It’s not easy to keep track of every team, especially when one of the most explosive and fun to watch squads plays well past midnight on the East Coast. But the Oregon Ducks make it worth it almost every week, and this week, their performance was good enough to move them into position to break up LSU-Alabama duo that has dominated the college football landscape every week.

So Oregon is up to No. 2, while losses from Oklahoma, Michigan and Clemson to Kansas State, Notre Dame and Florida State do the things you might expect them to do to the rankings.

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BlogPoll Week Three: USC takes a tumble as the season’s first major upset shuffles the ballot

Well that was a stark change. USC falls to Stanford, which was obviously way underrated around the country. So the things that you might expect to happen, happen.

Notre Dame is up, Michigan State, who I had taken a liking to, falls hard. The rest kind of falls in between.

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BlogPoll Week Two: Alabama on top, Michigan State emerges on weekend of chaos

Alabama has proven the more consistent of the four top teams established early in this season — Oregon, USC, LSU and the Tide.

So they’re No. 1 in my second BlogPoll. Michigan State is also your big winner this week as the rest of the Big Ten crumbles.

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BlogPoll Week One: The Fabulous Four of USC, LSU, Alabama and Oregon Reign

The four teams prove spectacular on college football’s first weekend and there seems little reason to put anyone else in the top four.

West Virginia impresses most among those outside of the upper echelon, and I bumped them up to No. 5.

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