BCS Computer Rankings Week Seven: LSU, Alabama and Oklahoma State in a Class of Their Own

LSU, retaining a perfect computer score for the second straight week, leads a trio of teams — joined by Alabama and Oklahoma State — who are leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the pack in the BCS computers.

Stanford, at No. 4, is well behind the rest of the field with a .820 aggregate, .110 less than Oklahoma State’s .930. The Cardinal had a huge boost in the computers this week, much of that contributing with the Cardinal’s jump past Virginia Tech.

Here are the rankings of the six BCS computers:

Six BCS Computer Standings – BCS Week Seven (November 27)

Rank Anderson Billingsley Colley Massey Sagarin Wolfe
2 Oklahoma St. Alabama Oklahoma St. Alabama Alabama Alabama
3 Alabama Oklahoma St. Alabama Oklahoma St. Oklahoma St. Oklahoma St.
4 Stanford Stanford Oklahoma Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas
5 Houston Oregon Kansas St. Kansas St. Kansas St. Stanford
6 Oklahoma Oklahoma Boise St. Oklahoma Oklahoma Houston

And what the aggregate BCS computer rankings were:

BCS Computer Rankings Aggregate – BCS Week Seven (November 27)

Rank Team Share of Vote
1 LSU Tigers 1.000
2 Alabama Crimson Tide .950
3 Oklahoma State Cowboys .930
4 Stanford Cardinal .820
5 Oklahoma Sooners .800
6 Arkansas Razorbacks .780
6 Kansas State Wildcats .780
8 Houston Cougars .730
9 Boise State Broncos .680
10 Virginia Tech Hokies .620
10 Oregon Ducks .620
12 South Carolina Gamecocks .600

Seventh BCS Rankings of 2011: LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma State Lead The Way into Season’s Final Weekend

A weekend that seemed like snooze turned in a BCS standings riddled with wrinkles, all of which will need to be ironed out next weekend — the last of the 2011 college football season.

LSU, Alabama and Oklahoma State find themselves in relatively familiar positions, the top three, which all three have occupied for many weeks this season (although Oklahoma State’s loss to Iowa State last weekend momentarily kicked them out of there).

Stanford, who finished last season at No. 4, sits there once again, with a very good shot of reaping the benefits of the position once again. If the third place team in the final BCS standings does not win its own AQ conference, it automatically receives a bid to a BCS bowl. The same goes for the fourth-place team if the third-place team is in fact an AQ conference champion. Stanford achieved that qualification last season, and if Oklahoma State beats Oklahoma next weekend, the Cardinal will once again be on its way to a BCS bowl.

No. 5 Virginia Tech has its own easy path to a BCS bowl, win the ACC championship game next weekend.

Houston can clinch its spot in a BCS bowl game with a victory in the C-USA championship game, which would assure the Cougars of being the highest-ranking non-AQ conference champion and a top-14 finish, enough to get the Cougars an automatic bid to a BCS bowl as well.

Some of those on the outside looking in, at least at this point, include No. 16 Michigan. The Wolverines, although a plenty attractive at-large team for any BCS bowl, need to enter the top 14 on the last weekend of the season to be eligible.

Just one week remains. Check out the projections from last night to see a complete list of the important games next weekend, and be sure to stay tuned to BCS Know How and @BCSKnowHow for all the latest.

Here’s the seventh BCS rankings of 2011:

BCS Standings Week Seven — November 27

Rank Team BCS Score
1 LSU Tigers 1.000
2 Alabama Crimson Tide .9551
3 Oklahoma State Cowboys .8712
4 Stanford Cardinal .8559
5 Virginia Tech Hokies .7811
6 Houston Cougars .7399
7 Boise State Broncos .7027
8 Arkansas Razorbacks .7003
9 Oregon Ducks .6862
10 Oklahoma Sooners .6710
11 Kansas State Wildcats .5702
12 South Carolina Gamecocks .5684
13 Michigan State Spartans .5369
14 Georgia Bulldogs .5348
15 Wisconsin Badgers .4576
16 Michigan Wolverines .4310

Some thoughts:

BCS Computer Rankings Week Seven: Stanford Gets the Suppot They Need

Stanford was in an odd position coming into this weekend as a team with support across the board, but an unlikely road to a BCS bowl.

Well with the dominoes that fell over the weekend, Stanford moved up into the No. 5 spot in both human polls.

With the added computer support the Cardinal received this weekend, Stanford rose to No. 4 — the spot which would guarantee the Cardinal of a spot in a BCS bowl — all because of the computer help.

Auburn remains perfect in the computers, and uses that strength added to increased support from the human element to claim the No. 1 spot this week.

So, here’s what the top of each computer ranking looked like:

Six BCS Computer Standings – BCS Week Seven (November 28th)

Rank Anderson Billingsley Colley Massey Sagarin Wolfe
1 Auburn Auburn Auburn Auburn Auburn Auburn
2 Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon
4 Wisconsin Wisconsin Oklahoma Stanford Stanford Stanford
5 Ohio State Boise State Stanford Arkansas LSU Arkansas
6 Oklahoma Ohio State Michigan State LSU TCU LSU

And what the aggregate BCS computer rankings were:

BCS Computer Rankings Aggregate – BCS Week Seven (November 28th)

Rank Team Share of Vote
1 Auburn Tigers 1.000
2 Oregon Ducks .960
3 TCU Horned Frogs .920
4 Stanford Cardinal .840
5 Arkansas Razorbacks .770
6 Oklahoma Sooners .760
7 Wisconsin Badgers .730
7 LSU Tigers .730
9 Ohio State Buckeyes .660
10 Missouri Tigers .640

Seventh BCS Rankings of 2010: Auburn New No. 1, Stanford Claims Important Fourth Spot

Changes at the top, changes at the middle, developments in a variety of conference championship races — the dominoes certainly started to fall on rivalry weekend, and with a new set of BCS rankings finally out, we can begin to judge the impact.

The changes start at the very top — Auburn retakes the No. 1 spot on the strength of their victory over Alabama, leaping Oregon by a a scant .0002 points to ascend to No. 1.

Auburn made up a big chunk of ground on Oregon in both the Harris Poll and Coaches’ Poll after their thrilling come-from-behind victory over the Tide, which was instrumental in the somewhat unexpected change.

TCU — who seemed to all to be on the verge of losing their No. 3 spot to Boise State — instead retains that position after the Broncos took an unexpected tumble to Nevada.

The Broncos fall all the way to No. 11, and will likely be left out of the BCS picture come bowl selection time, a result of two costly missed field goals.

The positioning at the top is interesting, although the changes have basically no impact on the BCS and national title picture. The changes a little further down, though, have serious implications as we head to the final week.

Stanford is the new No. 4, which is an enviable position to be in without a game remaining on their schedule. If Stanford remains at that spot the Cardinal will automatically qualify for inclusion in the BCS standings as the highest-ranking automatically-qualifying BCS conference member who did not win their own conference’s automatic bid and is in the top our.

Despite being ranked fifth in both human polls, the Cardinal utilized very strong support from all six computers to jump into that all-important No. 4 spot.

The Cardinal are followed by Wisconsin, who does just enough to stay ahead of Ohio State to claim that No. 5 position. The fact that the Badgers held off the Buckeyes is huge, as the BCS standings will be used on December 5th to decide which of the three (Michigan State is the third) Big Ten teams who all claimed a share of the conference crown will be headed to the Rose Bowl. With no games remaining on any of the teams’ schedules, Wisconsin is all but booking their tickets to Pasadena.

A little further down the standings, another conference race was decided by the BCS standings, as the Oklahoma Sooners captured the Big 12 South crown and a Big 12 title game bid by finishing ahead of both Oklahoma State and Texas A&M in this week’s BCS standings. The Sooners will face Nebraska next Saturday for the right to the Big 12’s automatic BCS bowl bid.

So with all of that in mind, here’s this week’s set of BCS rankings:

BCS Standings Week Seven – November 28th

Rank Team BCS Score
1 Auburn Tigers .9779
2 Oregon Ducks .9777
3 TCU Horned Frogs .9167
4 Stanford Cardinal .8413
5 Wisconsin Badgers .8185
6 Ohio State Buckeyes .7632
7 Arkansas Razorbacks .7189
8 Michigan State Spartans .6980
9 Oklahoma Sooners .6780
10 LSU Tigers .6067
11 Boise State Broncos .5805
12 Missouri Tigers .5148
13 Nebraska Cornhuskers .5071
14 Oklahoma State Cowboys .4630
15 Virginia Tech Hokies .4396
16 Alabama Crimson Tide .4201

Some thoughts:

  • BCS Know How’s Projected BCS vs. Actual BCS Rankings
    • The gains that Auburn made were not completely unexpected. If you’ve been following the bowl projections we’ve been doing, you will have seen that next to Auburn we’ve placed “(BCS No. 1),” so this ascension was coming, it only just came a week earlier than expected.
    • Other than the switch at the top, pretty good week, nailed 3-8, switched around 9-11 yet again, my bad.
  • Next weekend will be filled with conference championship games, could BCS drama also be in store? Make sure you stick with BCS Know How throughout the next seven days to get the best end-to-end coverage of everything Bowl Championship Series.