2012 BCS Selection Sunday Weekend Hub and Live Chat

After 14 heart-stopping weeks, the 2012 college football season is over, but now comes the fun part. Today, 70 spots in 35 bowl spots from the New Mexico Bowl to the BCS title game will officially be filled and finalized. And while some slots are already assured or all but guaranteed, others are still to be determined.

We’ll be here all day to answer any questions and will provide updates throughout the day here and on Twitter at @BCSKnowHow.

Chat live with us here, answer some general questions about the BCS bowl system, the BCS formula and other important information to get you through the day:

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State of the BCS Survey Update

Take the survey

Less than two weeks into our State of the BCS survey and nearly 3,000 people have completed the five-minute questionaire about what they’d like to see for college football’s postseason.

In order to expedite the process, we’re going to be closing polling Friday, April 6 at the end of the day to get started on data crunching and getting the results out faster. So far, to say the results are interesting would be a wild understatement. You will definitely be surprised at some of the responses collected.

But before we talk about the end, let’s talk about the next few days. The absolute best thing would be to double, or even triple the number of responses we’ve got. In the next five days, email your friends, tweet at some of the bigger CFBers on Twitter, post it to Facebook pages, anything you can think of.

The more people we can get to respond, the more accurate and interesting our results will be. Once we’re done collecting, we’ll roll our the responses over the course of 6-10 blog posts, and we’d love to get some real attention — especially because the BCS itself is talking revamping the system.

So spread the word! Let’s get this thing really rolling in the last few days and make some noise.

Here’s the link again:


Thanks and talk to you all very soon!

2011 BCS Selection Sunday Weekend Hub and Live Chat

College football’s regular season is, amazingly, complete for 2011. But now comes the fun part. Today marks “Selection Sunday” the day when we find out just where 70 teams will land in the 35 bowls that will span more than three weeks over December and January.

Some slots are already assured, but others are still to be determined.

We’ll be here all day to answer any questions and will provide updates throughout the day here and at @BCSKnowHow. Chat live with us, answer some general questions about the BCS bowl system, the BCS formula and other important information to get you through the day:

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BCS Selection Weekend Hub and Live Chat

Welcome to the final weekend of the 2010 college football regular season!

BCS Know How will be here all weekend guiding you through all the possibilities and projections for the BCS and the non-BCS bowls headed our way in the coming weeks.

Answer some general questions about the BCS and the process this season with the BCS Formula and BCS Bowls pages along with these informative posts to beef up your BCS knowledge:

We’ll be live chatting here on Saturday and Sunday during the day starting at noon to answer any BCS or bowl questions or just as a place to discuss what’s happening around the country. New articles will be posted at the bottom as teams qualify for BCS bowls and other important events occur.

Make sure you’re following @BCSKnowHow for constant updates.

Championship Weekend Updates:

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BlogPoll Ballot Week One Draft

One week in the books — now the real prognostication and debate can begin.

Teams finally got a chance to hit the field this Labor Day weekend, and we got a shot to see exactly what each team can bring to the table this season.

Some of it was high quality — Boise State topping Virginia Tech in a classic game. Some of it wasn’t — Oregon laying 59 points on New Mexico in the first half. But it was college football all the same, the kind that we’ve been waiting eight long months for.

So here’s the first crack at a top 25 after week one with actual knowledge of what the 2010 version of each team mostly looks like:


What I’m Thinking:

  • I am NOT a pure resume voter, these rankings are a mix of what happened in week one and what I thought coming into the season, so there are definitely changes, but the general feel remains the same, especially since not many teams lost this weekend.
  • Ohio State and Alabama stay 1-2 for now, both handily dropping their opponents, still think OSU is slightly better.
  • After showing so much enthusiasm for Virginia Tech I was disappointed by their performance on Monday night, especially coming out of the gate. Tyrod Taylor and Ryan Williams had to do some special things just to keep them in the game — and they almost won — but they’re going to have to get it really together to restore my faith in them.
  • On the other end of that game, Boise State moves into the Hokies vacated No. 3 spot, after they submit the best win of the week.
  • I was impressed with Nebraska’s offense. I knew they had a defense, but if they can also bring a high quality offensive attack to a game, watch out. Yes, I know it was against Western Kentucky, but impressive all the same.
  • Although not awesome, Texas looked a better than Florida as both are trying to replace legends. I think they’ll come around eventually, but they don’t look quite there yet.
  • TCU looked resilient in dropping Oregon State which I like a lot in a team. If Boise falls somewhere down the road, the Horned Frogs could make some noise as a BCS buster extraordinaire.
  • Oregon, Penn State, Stanford, Auburn and Wisconsin all looked good in victories over lesser opponents.
  • New this week, Michigan, Georgia Tech and Utah all deserve recognition for victories over the weekend.
  • Lots of disappointment in UConn, hope that it was Michigan’s resurgence rather than over hype for the Huskies (including from me).
  • USC Watch: As one of three BlogPoll voters who affiliate themselves with the Trojans — Conquest Chronicles and TrojanWire are the other two — I’ll be keeping an eye out for the Trojans this season. Color me unimpressed with the victory in Hawaii, especially with the defense. They’ll need to fix that if they want to stay in the poll.
  • Arkansas, still missing!
  • Conference Breakdown: Big Ten (5), Pac-10 (4), SEC (4), ACC (4), Big 12 (3), Big East (2), MWC (2), WAC (1)

So what do you think? Missing anyone? Giving anyone too much/too little credit? Let me know!

2010 Preseason BlogPoll Ballot

For the 2010 season, BCS Know How has been selected to take part in the bloggers’ equivalent of the AP or Coaches’ Poll and be a voting member of the SB Nation College Football BlogPoll.

Just like in the other polls you see on a weekly basis, the BlogPoll asks its voters to rank teams 1-25 after each weeks’ games have been completed.

However, the BlogPoll is different because the voters are encouraged to ask their readers for feedback on their ballots, and make changes accordingly. Each blog reader should have a say, so this is your opportunity. Ballot drafts are due Monday and finalized ballots aren’t due until Wednesday, giving us bloggers a longer evaluation and sink-in period in which to make informed and well-discussed choices.

Each week, I’ll be posting a draft of my ballot, followed by some justifications and asking for your advice. I’ll make sure to set out why I made the decisions I made, and then ask for your feedback.

Normally, I’ll post a draft on Sunday night/Monday morning asking for critiques and feedback, and then a finalized ballot on Wednesday afternoon so you can take a look. However, there’s only one preseason ballot and its right here.

Feel free to say anything you want about my rankings, I won’t take it personally I promise. Critique away, and the input will be valuable.

To learn more about the BlogPoll, read about it on the BlogPoll administrator Brian Cook’s website MGoBlog.

Here’s my preseason ballot:


What I’m Thinking:

  • So this is my first ballot in the BlogPoll, I’m pretty excited to be a part of it, so I’m going to try to do my best to justify everything I do here, starting with this preseason poll.
  • I tried to stick pretty well to the thoughts I laid out in the conference profile series, however just because I chose a team to win a conference/division, does not mean I stuck to that in these rankings. Most notably, I chose UConn to win the Big East, but that was partly on the ease of its schedule, so I’m putting Pittsburgh slightly in front of the Huskies for now.
  • Same thing with Georgia and Florida.
  • However, really like the fight in the Beaver at Oregon State.
  • I’m not a big fan of Arkansas this season. Yes I know and like Ryan Mallett, however I see shades of Ole Miss ’09 painted all over the Razorbacks. They are omitted intentionally.
  • Alabama is still the nation’s favorite for the championship this year. However, they lost a ton on defense, which opens up the top spot for Ohio State — who looked awesome in the Rose Bowl at the end of last year.
  • On the same train, I really like the Big Ten this year, so Wisconsin and Iowa get support from me.
  • Va. Tech and Boise State play each other, I know, I think these are two of the best teams in the nation, and whoever losses is likely to make their way back to the top of the rankings.
  • Not very high on Florida and Texas after losing quarterbacks. However, loving Landry Jones and Oklahoma.
  • And yes… my C-USA winner, SMU is ranked here.
  • Conference breakdown: Pac-10 (5), Big Ten (4), SEC (4), ACC (3), Big 12 (3), Big East (3), C-USA (1), MWC (1), WAC (1).

So what do you think? Let me know what you love, what you hate, or more likely, that you have no opinion because preseason ballots are completely and utterly perfect.

BCS Know How Chosen as SportsNation’s “Site We Like” UPDATED WITH VIDEO

Hi everyone, we just received word from ESPN that BCS Know How has been selected as July 26th’s SportsNation’s Site We Like. Tune in today at 4 PM ET on ESPN2 to hear what they have to say!

UPDATE: Thanks again to the people over at ESPN and SportsNation for the shoutout, even though it was less than 15 seconds! If a video shows up I’ll be sure to post it here!

Update Two: The fine people at SportsNation have graciously posted the video on their YouTube page, here it is!: