Seventh 2013 BCS Rankings: Ohio State Holds Off Auburn For No. 2


The BCS just wont go down without a fight. Just more than a week ago we might have been wondering what would happen if we ended the season with four undefeated teams. Now we’re trying to piece together what just happened and explaining how a one-loss team is on the verge of making BCS history.

Official BCS Rankings
Rank Team
1 Florida State Seminoles
2 Ohio State Buckeyes
3 Auburn Tigers
4 Alabama Crimson Tide
5 Missouri Tigers
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After Alabama’s reign over college football was seemingly cut down by Auburn things got a bit wonky in the BCS.

Of course, this opened up the No. 1 spot for the first time this season, and fresh from an in-state victory over Florida, Florida State was more than happy to claim its spot atop these seventh BCS rankings.

Then things got interesting. Undefeated Ohio State was supposed to cruise to the No. 2 spot tonight. After all, no undefeated AQ conference team has ever been leapfrogged for a top-two spot in the BCS standings by a once-beaten team. But No. 3 Auburn made the No. 2 Buckeyes sweat for the second position tonight. And both teams will sweat for another week while we chew on the scenarios.

Auburn has Missouri to prepare for, Ohio State has Michigan State on its plate. Wins from both squads next weekend might set up a final chase for the No. 2 spot that will rival any of the best controversy the BCS has had to offer. We can sit back and enjoy it.

The rest of the BCS falls mostly into place as expected. Alabama claims No. 4 with SEC title game-bound Missouri rounding out the top-five. Oklahoma State, in the driver’s seat for a AQ bid for the Big 12, is in at No. 6, and Pac-12 title game combatant Stanford is in at No. 7. South Carolina, Baylor, Arizona State and Michigan State are setting themselves up for BCS eligibility while Oregon and rounds out the top 12.

Northern Illinois is just a win away from a second straight BCS buster bowl bid after entering the top 14 and seeing Fresno State lose at the most inopportune time.

It’s all come down to one week. Not sure if we’re ready to say goodbye without one final blowout weekend.  Be sure to stay tuned to BCS Know How and @BCSKnowHow throughout the coming week for all the latest analysis and news.

Here’s the seventh BCS rankings of 2013:

BCS Standings Week Seven — December 1st

Rank Team BCS Score
1 Florida State Seminoles .9948
2 Ohio State Buckeyes .9503
3 Auburn Tigers .9233
4 Alabama Crimson Tide .8539
5 Missouri Tigers .8428
6 Oklahoma State Cowboys .7629
7 Stanford Cardinal .7069
8 South Carolina Gamecocks .7037
9 Baylor Bears .6623
10 Michigan State Spartans .6529
11 Arizona State Sun Devils .5833
12 Oregon Ducks .5321
13 Clemson Tigers .5201
14 Northern Illinois Huskies .4812
15 LSU Tigers .4213
16 UCF Knights .3838

Some thoughts:

BCS Computer Rankings Week Seven: Ohio State Is A Force


Ohio State vaults to No. 2 in the BCS computer rankings after topping Michigan and watching Alabama fall by the wayside. Auburn is up to No. 3 in the computers and No. 3 in the BCS.

Here are the rankings of the six BCS computers:

Six BCS Computer Standings – BCS Week Seven (December 1)

Rank Anderson Billingsley Colley Massey Sagarin Wolfe
1 Florida St. Florida St. Auburn Ohio St. Florida St. Florida St.
2 Ohio St. Ohio St. Ohio St. Florida St. N. Illinois Ohio St.
3 Auburn Auburn Missouri Auburn Ohio St. Auburn
4 Missouri Alabama Florida St. Alabama South Carolina Alabama
5 Alabama Missouri Arizona St. N. Illinois Oklahoma St. Missouri
6 Arizona St. Stanford Stanford Arizona St. Auburn Arizona St.

And the aggregate BCS computer rankings:

BCS Computer Rankings Aggregate – BCS Week Seven (December 1)

Rank Team Share of Vote
1 Florida State Seminoles .990
2 Ohio State Buckeyes .960
3 Auburn Tigers .920
4 Alabama Crimson Tide .840
5 Missouri Tigers .830
6 Arizona State Sun Devils .770
7 Stanford Cardinal .740
8 South Carolina Gamecocks .700
9 Oklahoma State Cowboys .690
10 Northern Illinois .670
11 Michigan State Spartans .620
12 Baylor Bears .600

Projected BCS Standings: Auburn’s Play For A Title Game Spot in Seventh Standings of 2013


The death knell for the BCS, perhaps most appropriately, will likely be one of controversy. The system would have it no other way.

Projected BCS Rankings
Rank Team
1 Florida State Seminoles
2 Ohio State Buckeyes
3 Auburn Tigers
4 Alabama Crimson Tide
5 Missouri Tigers
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Auburn’s stunning victory over Alabama likely clinched at least a somewhat controversial end to the BCS’s reign over college football as the Crimson Tide’s spot atop the college football world is now over.

Where, then, does that leave the BCS when the seventh standings of 2013 come out Sunday? Obviously for the first time this year, Alabama will not be No. 1. That honor will fall to Florida State, making its way back to the top of the BCS for the first time in what seems like ages.

Then it gets interesting. Clearly, Ohio State surviving its rivalry meeting with Michigan will be a huge boon to its national title game hopes. But Auburn’s victory over the previously unassailable Alabama could mean a huge swing of support in the Tigers’ direction. Who will land at No. 2 this week?

It’s likely Ohio State, as the voters will give the benefit of the doubt to the undefeated and long-revered Buckeyes. But Auburn will lurk at No. 3. And with a chance to clinch the SEC title next weekend and the growing tradition of SEC champs playing for the BCS title, Auburn’s not out of this yet. A win over likely BCS No. 5 Missouri next weekend paired with a close Ohio State victory in the Big Ten title game could cause the chaos we’ve come to expect.

After Missouri, it’s all battling for the at-large and automatic BCS bowl bids, including Northern Illinois’ quest for a second-straight bowl game bid and Clemson, Oregon, Michigan State and Baylor angling for eligibility and spots. Plus, the auto-bids given to the champs of the six AQ conferences.

Just one more BCS standing after Sunday, ever. The end is close!

Remember, we’ll be here to take you through all of it, starting with tomorrow’s releases of the human polls, computer rankings and BCS. Follow along all day @BCSKnowHow and here to stay up to the second with projections, mathematical breakdowns of the computers, human polls and everything in between. Then follow along this week as we break down scenarios and implications.

Here’s what the BCS standings will likely look like when they are released tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET on ESPN:

Projected BCS Standings – BCS Week Seven (December 1st)

Rank Team
1 Florida State Seminoles
2 Ohio State Buckeyes
3 Auburn Tigers
4 Alabama Crimson Tide
5 Missouri Tigers
6 Oklahoma State Cowboys
7 Stanford Cardinal
8 South Carolina Gamecocks
9 Baylor Bears
10 Clemson Tigers
11 Michigan State Spartans
12 Arizona State Sun Devils

BCS Know How’s Postseason BCS Simulation

With the bowl season complete, the time again comes for our annual postseason BCS rankings.

Unfortunately, it seems as though Jeff Sagarin has not released a postseason set of rankings, however all five other computers have. As in years past, we will substitute the AP Poll for the Harris Poll as the Harris does not reveal a postseason rankings.

Sagarin’s delay has caused a delay on our end as well, but here’s a set of rankings anyways.

The same formula that the BCS uses will be utilized here, except we use all five computer rankings.

Mostly, this is just for fun, a good look at what the BCS standings would look like if they were released after the end of the season.

Not surprisingly, BCS national champions Auburn comes in on top, well ahead of the rest of the field. TCU finishes second in a fantastic showing for a non-AQ school.

Oregon drops to No. 3 following their BCS National Championship Game loss to the Tigers, and are followed closely by Pac-10 counterpart Stanford at No. 4.

Postseason BCS Rankings

Rank Team BCS Score
1 Auburn Tigers .9990
2 TCU Horned Frogs .9444
3 Oregon Ducks .9274
4 Stanford Cardinal .8725
5 Ohio State Buckeyes .8304
6 Oklahoma Sooners .7548
7 LSU Tigers .7370
8 Boise State Broncos .7177
9 Wisconsin Badgers .6633
10 Alabama Crimson Tide .6370
11 Arkansas Razorbacks .5977
12 Oklahoma State Cowboys .5921
13 Nevada Wolfpack .5407
14 Michigan State Spartans .4941
15 Virginia Tech Hokies .4045
16 Mississippi State Bulldogs .3794

Final BlogPoll Ballot

Take it as you will, but not voting for Auburn is silly.

SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25 College Football Rankings

BCS Know How Ballot – Week 16

Rank Team Delta
1 Auburn Tigers Arrow_up 1
2 TCU Horned Frogs Arrow_up 1
3 Oregon Ducks Arrow_down -2
4 Stanford Cardinal Arrow_up 1
5 Ohio St. Buckeyes Arrow_up 1
6 Alabama Crimson Tide Arrow_up 2
7 Wisconsin Badgers Arrow_down -3
8 Boise St. Broncos Arrow_down -1
9 Oklahoma Sooners Arrow_up 1
10 LSU Tigers Arrow_up 2
11 Arkansas Razorbacks Arrow_down -2
12 Nevada Wolf Pack Arrow_up 2
13 Oklahoma St. Cowboys Arrow_up 3
14 Michigan St. Spartans Arrow_down -3
15 Virginia Tech Hokies Arrow_down -2
16 Mississippi St. Bulldogs Arrow_up 5
17 Florida St. Seminoles Arrow_up 6
18 Missouri Tigers
19 Texas A&M Aggies Arrow_down -2
20 Nebraska Cornhuskers Arrow_down -5
21 Maryland Terrapins
22 Utah Utes Arrow_down -2
23 Central Florida Knights
24 Tulsa Golden Hurricane
25 Iowa Hawkeyes
Dropouts: West Virginia Mountaineers, Hawaii Warriors, Connecticut Huskies, South Carolina Gamecocks

SB Nation BlogPoll College Football Top 25 Rankings »

Pretty self-explanatory, rip away if you’d like.

Auburn Nabs First BCS National Championship

With their 22-19 victory on Monday night, the Auburn Tigers won their first-ever BCS national championship and capped a 14-0 season full of exciting games with one more against the Oregon Ducks in Glendale, Arizona.

Cam Newton and the Tigers did just enough Monday night to squeak by the Ducks in what was supposed to be a high scoring affair, but was sloppy to start.

A few three-and-outs along with a string of turnovers on both sides had the offense-hungry fans a little impatient early, but both squads were able to muster some offense after shaking the early rust.

In the end it was Auburn running back Michael Dyer who set up Wes Byrum’s game-winning 19-yard field goal with no time left on the clock that gave the Tigers their first perfect season since 2004, where they were famously left out of the BCS title game.

This year, afforded the opportunity to play for a national title, the Tigers did not disappoint.

Your 2010-11 BCS National Champions are the Tigers of Auburn, capping yet another exciting college football season.

BlogPoll Week 14: Unconvinced

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t learn a whole lot from the ACC or Big 12 Championship Games. Both teams looked both good and bad at times. So I’ll give the winners slight bumps, but for the most part, I can’t say it changes much of my opinion.

The SEC and MAC Championship Games did hold some eye openers though, like maybe Northern Illinois and South Carolina aren’t as consistent as we thought.

Last ballot until post-bowl season.


What I’m Thinking:

  • So Oklahoma and Virginia Tech are both up one spot.
  • South Carolina down bid along with Northern Illinois after their aforementioned losses in championship games.
  • I can’t find a reason to drop Nebraska past Oklahoma State or Texas A&M even with the loss.
  • Florida State only down two spots post-ACC Championship Game.
  • Just one new team this week: Connecticut!!! Yes, after projection the Huskies to make a BCS bowl before the season started and ranking them as high as the mid-teens in the preseason ballot, the Huskies make a return appearance in my ballot. The Huskies are on their way to the Fiesta Bowl and are not ranked in the BCS standings — a first.
  • Conference Breakdown: SEC (6), Big 12 (5), WAC (3), Big Ten (3), Pac-10 (2), ACC (2), MWC (2), Big East (2).

So what do you think? Missing anyone? Giving anyone too much/too little credit? Let me know!