Final BCS Rankings of 2011: LSU and Alabama Finish an SEC-Dominated Season On Top

The rematch is on.

With the release of the final BCS standings, the Bowl Championship Series has spoken, and we’re headed for the first-ever rematch of a regular season game in the BCS title game.

LSU and Alabama did enough in the eyes of the voters and the computers to do just that, and come Jan. 9, the entire country will be tuned in to see whether LSU’s defense can once again stifle Alabama or if the Crimson Tide can turn the tide on the Tigers.

Oklahoma State lands on the outside looking in, instead headed off to the Fiesta Bowl to take on a very game Stanford team, who finishes in the No. 3 slot.

No. 5 Oregon, boosted on the power of huge leaps in human poll support, is on its way to the Rose Bowl to take on No. 10 Wisconsin, whose Big Ten title game victory over Michigan State brought the Badgers back into the top 10 and ensured one of the best looking matchups among the BCS bowls, at least on paper.

The four teams that follow Oregon were all left out of the BCS picture, as Arkansas, Boise State, Kansas State and South Carolina will have to settle for non-BCS bowls after commendable seasons in three tough conferences.

A surprise berth for No. 11 Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl certainly ruffled some feathers, but the Hokies had an impressive season, and will face off against No. 13 Michigan in New Orleans on Jan. 2.

All in all, the BCS standings once again brought about debate, consternation and excitement until the end. Whether you agree with the decisions the system made, it’s what we’ve got, and we’re not headed for a slate of 35 bowl games — some duds and some spectacular matchups — that will certainly provide for entertainment value throughout December and January. Enjoy.

Here’s the final BCS rankings of 2011:

BCS Standings Week Eight — December 4

Rank Team BCS Score
1 LSU Tigers 1.000
2 Alabama Crimson Tide .9419
3 Oklahoma State Cowboys .9333
4 Stanford Cardinal .8476
5 Oregon Ducks .7901
6 Arkansas Razorbacks .7687
7 Boise State Broncos .7408
8 Kansas State Wildcats .6827
9 South Carolina Gamecocks .6553
10 Wisconsin Badgers .6374
11 Virginia Tech Hokies .5190
12 Baylor Bears .4977
13 Michigan Wolverines .4794
14 Oklahoma Sooners .4603
15 Clemson Tigers .4218
16 Georgia Bulldogs .4119

Some thoughts:

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