Final Projected BCS Standings: LSU and Oklahoma State to Meet For BCS Title

Fourteen weeks, and there seems no quelling of the debate and uproar about who deserves what in the college football landscape. That being said, however, the 2011 regular season is complete, and now our attention must turn to the BCS standings and bowls to be announced tomorrow.

The thing that is causing the most debate, of course, is the possible rematch awaiting the country in the BCS title game. And for those who are against it, do be prepared to weather the storm of the rematch, but a swaying of opinion has occurred, and for what it’s worth, Oklahoma State should be on its way to the BCS title game.

Alabama will just miss out on its chance at a rematch, finishing at No. 3, with Stanford just behind the Cowboys at No. 4.

So. Why? It comes down to persuasion. Virginia Tech needs to be replaced on ballots. Oklahoma State whipped Oklahoma up and down the field. Houston is no longer a factor. Boise State can be forgotten. Oklahoma State stands as the team most of the country (save the Alabama faithful) wants to see get a chance.

The pollsters can make up the difference. And I believe they will. There’s no need for Oklahoma State to leap Alabama. They just need to be very close. And they will be. Oklahoma State can make up some distance in the computers.

Of course, this is a simple projection, and nothing about it is absolute. There are, however, other components which are more absolute when the BCS pairings are announced tomorrow.

  • Oregon, as champion of the Pac-12, is headed to the Rose Bowl to face Wisconsin, the Big Ten’s conference champion.
  • Clemson is on its way to the Orange Bowl as the ACC champion, as the ACC is bound to the bowl unless the ACC champ is playing in the national title game.
  • West Virginia will likely be the recipient of the Big East’s BCS bowl bid. After sharing the regular season crown in the conference with Cincinnati and Louisville, the Mountaineers will assuredly win the tiebreaker for the conference’s bid by finishing highest among the three teams in the final BCS rankings.
  • TCU, if it can finish ahead of the highest ranking Big East team and ahead of Southern Miss, which is likely, and vault into the top 16 will receive a BCS bowl bid as the highest-ranking non-AQ conference champion that ranks ahead of a AQ conference champion in the top 16.

Oklahoma State will be assured of a BCS bid. But will it be in the title game? If these projections hold up, it will be. Stanford at No. 4, will not be afforded an automatic bid to the BCS as it was last season at No. 4, but will likely be a very eligible team for any BCS bowl to select.

Boise State, Kansas State, Michigan, Houston and Oklahoma will all also likely be eligible come tomorrow. Who will take those remaining slots? Michigan is likely to cross the top 14 threshold to get into the BCS, but TCU is likely to miss out. Check out our BCS Bowl projections here.

That’s the bowl picture — it’s messy at best — but the BCS standings shouldn’t be so difficult to digest when they’re released tomorrow.

Remember, we’ll be here to take you through all of it, starting with tomorrow’s releases of the human polls, computer rankings and BCS. Follow along all day tomorrow @BCSKnowHow and right here to stay up to the second with projections, mathematical breakdowns of all of the computers, human polls and everything in between. Then follow along this week as we break down scenarios and implications.

Got all that? Hope so.

Here’s what the BCS standing will likely look like when they are released tomorrow at 8:15 p.m. ET on ESPN:

Projected BCS Standings – BCS Week Eight (December 4th)

Rank Team
1 LSU Tigers
2 Oklahoma State Cowboys
3 Alabama Crimson Tide
4 Stanford Cardinal
5 Boise State Broncos
6 Arkansas Razorbacks
7 Oregon Ducks
8 Kansas State Wildcats
9 Wisconsin Badgers
10 South Carolina Gamecocks
11 Baylor Bears
12 Oklahoma Sooners

46 thoughts on “Final Projected BCS Standings: LSU and Oklahoma State to Meet For BCS Title

  1. I hope you are wrong cause bama deserves to be there no ??? And how can u think ou will be 12 they are garbage they don’t deserve top 20 you also have Baylor way too high they are good but not near that good…sec will win 6 bowl games atleast they are way superior they beat on each other all year…let’s not play defense and join big 12 I mean 10 Ohh wait 8 no wait back to 10

  2. Why does Alabama “deserve” to be there. They had a game against LSU. At home. And after boring the nation: THEY LOST!

    Nobody wants to see Alabama-LSU AGAIN. OSU deserves their shot.

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  4. wrong – bama came in at 2 on 2 computers translating to a .95 to 93 instead of a sweep .96 to .92 bama lock and osu had their chance to beat isu by 4 tds much less lose


  6. I do not see the FIesta passing on 3 B12 teams (KSU, Baylor, OK) per your projections unless they want to lose the B12 tie-in. Fiesta will be one of the above B12 teams vs. Michigan. That will also be a more competitive matchup. Stanford will go to the Sugar against Alabama and Boise State will not be in a BCS bowl. The only Fiesta matchup with Stanford that makes sense is against Oklahoma State if the championship game turns out to be the SEC rematch.



    no defense games boring as crap

  9. Oklahoma State have been impressive against Oklahoma and Baylor than Alabama did against Arkansas and Penn State,and anyways they already lost to LSU withou scoring any touchdowns.

  10. This is why we need a playoff system because the BCS always screw any team that deserves to be in the BCS National Championship Game.

  11. OSU beat 5 top 25 teams. Alabama 2.
    OSU beat 7 top 50 teams. Alabama 5.
    OSU won their conference. Alabama did not.
    OSU’s only loss was to Iowa State and came on a day when a tragic plane class killed OSU coaches! OSU had a tougher scedule and the stats prove it. OSU needs to be a part of this conversation!

  12. Pollsters. Lsu must play osu….america does not want a replay of boredom football,let’s see how good sec is……………….

  13. If Bama wanted to play in the championship game then #1 win all your games or leave your destiny up to others (you failed… Get a kicker who can make field goals)

  14. #2 strength of schedule… Kent State, North Texas, DII Georgia Southern… UA you knew that your strength of schedule would not be good but you played it (120 teams in DI… Come on)

  15. First off, where did all these cheerleaders come from. It was nice and quite here all year. Now I’m seeing poms poms all over the place.

    I don’t like it but it should be a rematch. Bama’s only loss is by three to the number one team in OT. OSU’s only loss is to a huge underdog.

    Should be a rematch which may be boring but it’s right.

  16. first off 90% of the fans in the counrty dont realize the bcs is about money . the amount of money that alabama lsu will generate is far greater than a team from the midwest that has a subpar fan base that also lost to a iowa state team alabama lost to the #1 team in the country thats enough to put them in the big game and also plays in the sec and leads the country in defense also lsu would beat the crap out of osu we want a game not a beat down

  17. If the BCS is a legit system then they will take OSUs tougher schedule into consideration, as well as their blow out win of OU.
    Bama couldn’t win their division let alone their conference but yet gets rewarded for sitting at home on conference championship day.
    For Bama to get into the title game proves that every week does not count in the regular season, and that their an over privileged, whiney fan base. Get over it gumps you’re not the best or even second best team in the country… maybe schedule a tougher SOS next season.

  18. If Alabama would have lost on the road I would consider a rematch but they lost in their backyard. So what happens if Alabama does play in the NC and wins they deserve the NC when they split with LSU this year. In college football most teams can win on a given Sat at home. Lets go back to the 06 NC year where OSU played Michigan and played to a 3 point victory for OSU at home. What would that score have been if played at Mich? My point is Alabama had their shot and lost at home give a team who had one blemish after a tragic accident the chance.

  19. Spare me the bull crap of the death of the womens basketball coaches being a factor. OSU got their ass beat by a 27 point underdog. OSU barely beat Texas A&M. Alabama’s win over Arkansas was way better than OSU’s win over Oklahoma. Quit trying to plitic for OSU because your tired of seeing an SEC National Championship. Albama’s worst lose was to the number 1 team in over time.

  20. You must look at the body of work, not just the one loss of each team. LSU has beaten the Pac 10 champs, Big East champs, SEC East champs, and number two Alabama, all on the road!

    Why would you not let them play the team that won the toughest (or second toughest) ranked league champion?

    OKST body of work, their wins against top 30, top 25, and top 10 teams smoke Bama. Bama played a very weak OOC schedule, and they played weak SEC east teams. They already had their chance, and they got beat at home.

    It is time to say who has earned the right to play LSU. OKST made that statement last night. Do the right thing voters.

  21. “Paul” You do not know college football from a hole in the wall. Look at your logic” “OSU got their ass beat by a 27 point underdog. OSU barely beat Texas A&M. Alabama’s win over Arkansas was way better than OSU’s win over Oklahoma.”

    Texas A&M played Arkansas this year had Arkansas beat the WHOLE GAME. They were kicking the shit out of them. They barely lost to Arkansas. So who cares if OK St. barely beat them? You are using them as an “elite” team that Bama beat. Arkansas was not legit at all. And, PS Bama only has played 3 or 4 teams with WINNING RECORDS THIS YEAR! What a joke. It would be a damn disgrace if Bama gets in. They had a shot and BLEW IT. They knew the repercussions of the game.

  22. Georgia southern had more ap votes this year than 6 of the teams that osu played this year don’t you feel foolish dne not always best top to bottom ex Kansas Iowa state hey didn’t someone lose to them hmmmmm

  23. #1 LSU against #2 ALABAMA are the only 2 teams that should even be discussed for the title game. The other conferences just can’t compare to the brutal defensive nation we call the SEC. As for me I would much rather watch a head to head battle against two very physical teams than to watch one team stomp all over the other for four quarters , OSU doesn’t stand a chance against LSU put somebody in there that can match up.

  24. Paul, you stupid redneck, if OKST got their ass beat in a double overtime, it only stands to mention Alabama got their ass beat ass well. Which means they should play Stanford in the Sugar Bowl, according to your stupidfuck logic.

  25. Habbit you are ignorant as well even if you say both teams got spanked it still deserving of bama to be in championship cause they lost to #1 not 101 like osu did

  26. look at all the bowls the past 6 years including the NC game and if you can read and reason with logic it is clear that the sec from the botom to the middle to the top is head and shoulders above the rest of any given conference… day in day out even the weakest team in the sec can beat the best team…
    Look at MS state they played with the #2 alabama team for 3 quarters before their defense broke down.
    thats why alabama is #2 because all the NON RANKED teams alabama beat are twice as good as the ranked teams oky state beat!
    like it or love it it is what it is and your redneck comments just make this fact even more sweeter you yankee you!! LMAO

  27. I just don’t understand why all the Bama fans are so anxious to get their takes whooped again by the Tigers. Bama ain’t beating LSU in New Orleans even if they get the chance.

  28. Okie State beat more top 25 teams and more bowl eligible teams. Their loss was on the road in double OT the same day as a tragedy at their school. Bama lost at home in single OT with two weeks to prepare. Nuff said! Go Pokes!

  29. OSU will get STOMPED if they make it to the title game. Yes, the Bama/LSU game was a bore/hard to watch, but if Bama gets that title spot/rematch, they WILL win. they are very good at rematches, and they are unstoppable when they are motivated enough. They weren’t firing on all pistons in that game. The Championship game will be different.

    I’m not a betting man, but I bet a friend $50 in that game. Hardest $50 bucks I’ll ever lose. If they make it to the title game I’d bet $1000 bucks if I had that kind of money.

  30. First of all I’m a diehard Notre Dame fan, so the season pretty well sucked for me.. Secondly, if u go by the body of work which seems to be every analysts buzzword, Oklahoma State should easily be the number 2 team.. It’s already been stated what okie state has done against the top 25.. Here’s another stat…

    12: number of wins against the top 25 by teams okie state beat.. Alabamas opponents only had 5

    The key point isn’t stats though.. Alabama had a shot, at home, against LSU and lost.. If Alabama plays LSU in the title game and wins then there is no national champion since they’d be 1-1.

    And for u Bama lovers that don’t think the plane crash and deaths affected OSU, you’ve never played a sport.. It had a huge affect on that team just as Alabama would’ve been greatly affected if they had to play a game the day their state and campus were devastated by the tornadoes

  31. First of all I’m a diehard Notre Dame fan, so the season pretty well sucked for me.. Secondly, if u go by the body of work which seems to be every analysts buzzword, Oklahoma State should easily be the number 2 team.. It’s already been stated what okie state has done against the top 25.. Here’s another stat…

    12: number of wins against the top 25 by teams okie state beat.. Alabamas opponents only had 5

    The key point isn’t stats though.. Alabama had a shot, at home, against LSU and lost.. If Alabama plays LSU in the title game and wins then there is no national champion since they’d be 1-1.

  32. It’s funny how the country thinks a game going into overtime is boring. I could throw a pass to my 2 year old nephew for a TD on OK states defense. Defense wins games and championships. I hope OK state goes so we can see them score 6 in regulation, but LSU score 56 on them, how entertaining. You have to have power to beat them, not speed. Beating the Sooners is NOTHING like beating LSU or Bama.

  33. Also, Bama wasn’t rewarded for losing or sitting at home…we were rewarded for all the teams outside of the SEC choking to shit teams. Blame OSU for losing to Iowa State. If they could have beaten Iowa (ending 6-6 and not a conference champion) then they would be in for sure. But they choked in an easy game. Sorry, and thank you OSU for losing and letting Bama go!

  34. How many times does LSU have to win to beat Alabama. If bama wins is LSU the still national champion. If bama is going to play LSU why have a championship game. LSU is the champion now its over. at least OSU and LSU would be a game that has not already been played. if LSU and Bama play why watch the game. how lame

  35. Gutsy call by Asher but it didn’t play. I appreciate the intestinal fortitude though.

    Those that contend that there shouldn’t be a rematch simply because they have already played are being ludicrous. Many champions in many sports have previously beaten or been beaten by their opponent. The champion is the team that wins the championship game/match/series. Of course. Any other assertion is absurd.

    OSU is a great team. No doubt. But OSU lost to ISU – a 25 point underdog. AL lost to the number one team. Period, end of story.

    And so the BCS has determined it to be.

    Don’t like it? Keep lobbying for a playoff system when the contracts are up in two years.

  36. How many times does LSU have to beat Bama? Pretty simple math. Twice. It would have been the same scenario had Bama won the first game.

  37. “OSU beat 5 top 25 teams. Alabama 2”

    Where did that come from?
    Alabama beat #23 Penn State, #14 Arkansas,
    #12 Florida, #24 Auburn. And the only loss AL had was to #1 LSU, that by only 3 points in overtime, and held them to 0 touchdowns

    OSU beat #8 Texas A&M, #22 Texas, #14 KS State,
    and #10 OU. That is four teams each beaten by both AL and OSU, but AL played five teams in the top 25 and OSU played four. I have the schedule in my hand looking at it. And OSU was beaten by an unranked team.

    All this crying about “rematch” is hooey. The pros have a playoff system and replay each other all the time. Super Bowl teams have played each other in regular season before. I agree we should have playoffs in college football. The same rules are in place now that were in place at the beginning of the season. You can’t change the rules at the end of the season to get the outcome you want. No. 1 should always play No. 2 for the championship, regardless of the fact they played each other in the regular season or not.
    I am old enough to remember the SEC being treated like a red-headed stepchild by EVERYONE for decades. Now, in the last 10-12 years they have shown to be a force to be reckoned with and people can’t stand it. The last five Nat’l Champs have been from the SEC, the last two from the state of Alabama. The top six ranked teams right now consist of three from the SEC, and the SEC has consistently held several positions in the top 10 in the last several years.
    I remember all those years when it was OU, Nebraska, Ohio State, Michigan State, USC, UCLA, and Notre Dame dominating it all. Now that it is the SEC, all we hear is a bunch of whining.
    Dry your eyes and grow up.

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