Projected BCS Standings: Oklahoma State to Secure No. 3 Spot in Second BCS Rankings of 2011

Around the country, Saturday afternoon was an uneventful few hours. Fast forward to Saturday night, and all hell broke loose.

Suddenly, Michigan State was threatening Wisconsin and Oklahoma was down early to Texas Tech delay after Alabama, LSU, Oklahoma State and Clemson had skated to victory.

Furious comebacks fell short, both the Badgers and Sooners suffered their first losses of the season and we have our first BCS shakeup of the season awaiting us when the rankings are released tomorrow.

So who lands where?

At the top little will change. LSU’s victory over Auburn will likely be valued more by both the computers and the human element than Alabama’s shaky victory over Tennessee, keeping the Tigers atop the BCS standings tomorrow.

Of course, where Oklahoma vacates its spot at No. 3 is where it gets interesting.

You’d be smart to think Oklahoma State will likely take that spot for the time being, especially since Wisconsin — who had a chance to make a big jump with a victory over Michigan State — failed to capitalize.

Boise State, Clemson and Stanford are likely to fall into place further down the line, shifting up spots to fill the space vacated by the Sooners and Badgers. Keep an eye on Stanford’s human element scores, as they are likely to get some serious support from voters who are looking to replace the Sooners and Badgers on their ballots. The Cardinal could see a rush of support. The three could be very closely packed when the rankings are released tomorrow.

The Spartans are sure to get a nice bump from the voters and computers, capitalizing on all of the support lost by the Sooners and Badgers.

The key, of course, will be how exactly the voters reward the Spartans and punish the Sooners and Badgers. The Badgers are sure to be given a little more leeway, as they lost on the road to a ranked opponent, as compared to the Sooners, who lost at home to an unranked Texas Tech.

Now, the questions begin. Does the Oklahoma-Oklahoma State game lose its significance as a de facto national semifinal? Will Oklahoma be able to make up any ground without a Big 12 Championship Game available any more? Who is now in position to grab the spots in the title game? Could we have a SEC rematch in the BCS National Championship Game?

It’ll be a confusing few weeks, and we’ll be here to take you through all of it, starting with tomorrow’s releases of the human polls, computer rankings and BCS. Follow along all day tomorrow @BCSKnowHow and right here to stay up to the second with projections, mathematical breakdowns of all of the computers, human polls and everything in between.

Got all that? Hope so.

Here’s what the BCS standing will likely look like when they are released tomorrow at 8:15 p.m. ET on ESPN:

Projected BCS Standings – BCS Week Two (October 23rd)

Rank Team
1 LSU Tigers
2 Alabama Crimson Tide
3 Oklahoma State Cowboys
4 Stanford Cardinal
5 Clemson Tigers
6 Boise State Broncos
7 Arkansas Razorbacks
8 Oregon Ducks
9 Oklahoma Sooners
10 Kansas State Wildcats
11 Michigan State Spartans
12 Wisconsin Badgers

9 thoughts on “Projected BCS Standings: Oklahoma State to Secure No. 3 Spot in Second BCS Rankings of 2011

  1. Gotta disagree that both Stanford and Clemson will hop Boise. I see them bunched up with BSU 4th, and Stanford (5th) leapfrogging Clemson (6th).

  2. I think 4-6 will be very close. I think Sanford will end up leap frogging Clemson because of the domination against a ranked conference rival. BSU looked sloppy against an mediocre MWC team, so I think its easily possible that both Clemson and Stanford take 4-5.

    I disagree with Arkansas over Oregon though. Neither team played anyone today, but Oregon was much more dominant, even with a back up QB.

    I think OU will drop to 10th and Michigan St. will outrank them?

  3. I’m new to the site and like it. Like your picks but am uneasy about OSU at 3. I only got to see them once but their special teams gave up points and as great as Weeden’s numbers are, he threw some sloppy stuff in the game against TX (but got away with it.) If that is indicative of his play, he’s going to get caught. Also, I’m afraid they’re going down at least once to KSU, TT or OK.

    Agreed that Stanford and Clemson should rise but think BSU should drop out of top 10. They barely beat AF. Really? AR, KSU, MSU and OR should all be above BSU.

  4. i agree that boise should fall behind some good 1 loss teams that have played a real schedule and not barely pulled off a win to air force. but to nate, arkansas played ole miss which isnt a powerhouse team but is an sec team… and lord knows that oregon cant beat an sec team. so arkansas stayes in front of oregon.

  5. I tend to agree with the predicted BCS standings. I do think OSU deserves #3. OU needs to watch out for OSU at the Bedlam game! Also, Arkansas has been strong all year against some tough teams…

  6. My projected rankings based on the USA Today / Sagarin info .. plus substituting the AP for the Harris and adjusting fire on the other 5 computers that don’t release yet:

    1) LSU
    2) Bama
    3) Ok State
    4) Boise
    5) Clemson
    6) Stanford
    7) Kansas State
    8) Oregon
    9) Arkansas
    10) Oklahoma
    11) Michigan State
    12) Virginia Tech
    13) Nebraska
    14) Wisconsin
    15) South Carolina

  7. My top 10 are the same with the harris poll release, but the 11-15 are a slight shift:
    11) VT
    12) MSU
    13) Nebraska
    14) South Carolina
    15) Wisconsin

  8. to dumbass….err i mean david… look up the ass whooping oregon put on tennessee last year…. They lost to cam newtown’s tigers in the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP game and to the now NO.1 ranked and probably eventual champions in LSU. The latter being a season opener in the south just a few stones thrown from baton rouge… so easy on the SEC cum swallowing please…

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