First BCS Rankings of 2011: LSU Takes Top Spot Followed Closely by Alabama

Our very first BCS rankings of the season anoint LSU as the top team in the country, but with LSU and Oklahoma right on the Tigers’ tale, the order of the top three matters little.

On the strength of computer support and Harris’s No. 1, the Tigers jump past the Sooners and Crimson Tide to claim the first BCS No. 1 of the season.

Oklahoma State grabs an impressive No. 4 spot in the first edition of the BCS, while Boise State, Wisconsin, Clemson and Stanford round out the top eight.

The Cowboys are the recipients of the strongest computer support in the country, offsetting their relatively weak performance in the human elements. Oklahoma State’s .970 computer share was by far the best in the country, giving them an easy No. 4 spot.

Stanford and Wisconsin’s relatively strong support in the human elements are offset by their poor performances across the BCS computers, leaving the Cardinal and Badgers with some work to do if they’re interested in making a run at the national championship game.

Boise State will also be hard pressed to make a run at the title game without a loss from one of the favorites above the Broncos in these first set of rankings.

With national consensus that a Nov. 5 meeting between LSU and Alabama will decide one of the national title teams, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State also have what could be a de facto national semifinal on their schedules already, a December 3rd meeting.

But of course, all must need to keep undefeated to remain in position to challenge for a title shot.

But enough talk, here’s the first version of the BCS rankings.

BCS Standings Week One — October 16th

Rank Team BCS Score
1 LSU Tigers .9522
2 Alabama Crimson Tide .9519
3 Oklahoma Sooners .9301
4 Oklahoma State Cowboys .8568
5 Boise State Broncos .8027
6 Wisconsin Badgers .7708
7 Clemson Tigers .7582
8 Stanford Cardinal .7484
9 Arkansas Razorbacks .6262
10 Oregon Ducks .6190
11 Kansas State Wildcats .5688
12 Virginia Tech Hokies .5048
13 Nebraska Cornhuskers .4972
14 South Carolina Gamecocks .4914
15 West Virginia Mountaineers .3730
16 Michigan State Spartans .3288

Some thoughts:

  • BCS Know How’s Projected BCSvs. Actual BCS Rankings
    • Switched No. 1 and No. 2, although the difference is, once again, negligible.
    • 3-8 is all good, while I switched a few things up later on, projecting Oregon a little too high and Arkansas a little low.
    • Odd how Virginia Tech shot up to No. 12 after not even ranking among the top 16 in last week’s simulation. However, it is more than explainable after losses from Michigan, Georgia Tech and Illinois cleared space for the Hokies’ jump.
    • Big East ‘power’ West Virginia sits at No. 15, hanging on dearly to that No. 16 line.

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